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Old Time Corn Pudding

I was introduced to Corn Pudding late in life, I’m afraid, which is a bit of a shame because this down-home side is scrumptious, easy and a really nice side for anything barbecued or grilled. 415 more words

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Half & Half

Sometimes I feel like having a stout

Other times I feel like having a lager

And then occasionally I want both!

Thank the stars some genius came up with the Half & Half! 293 more words

Happy Hour

Dried Cranberry & Tea Infused Scones

Are you a scone lover? Or have you only had overly dry, crumbly scones, perhaps redeemed only by the amount of icing on top? Not that I have anything against icing…but it should go on a really GOOD scone, right? 604 more words

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Travel Post - End of the year vacation in California

I just got back from my first non-kpop based trip to California. I’m really grateful my friend suggested this. From seeing snow for the first time at below sea level to enjoying delicious bubble milk tea, it was a great week.   778 more words


Striped Bass with Quinoa and Parsley Sauce

Parsley Puree


1 kg of parsley, remove stems

Salt and ground white pepper

8 cloves of garlic

4 T Olive oil

½ cup half & half per serving… 71 more words


Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Well, rats! I had planned on going to go off on a rant about “fat free” food and how horrible and stupid it is, but during my “research”, I ran across this excellent article from the Huffington Post which said it all way better than I ever could. 19 more words

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