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Monday morning motivator!

I just had a fantastic early Monday morning workout, and just had to tell you about it :)

I start training properly from this week, I’m feeling fit, bug free and most importantly, managed a proper nights sleep. 371 more words


Sayonara Sri Lanka, come on China! Part II

Back to my trip to England! I was sat at the airport, having checked in and now relaxing in the lounge, taking advantage of the WiFi to browse the Internet. 397 more words


Sayonara Sri Lanka, Come on China Part I

Ok, so I’m starting my journey again. My last journey that was supposed to start from the Colombo Half Ironman in Sri Lanka came to a grinding halt when a combination of ridiculous travelling and continual bouts of coughs and colds totally derailed me, mentally and physically, from my attempt to qualify for both the Half Ironman 2018 and the Full Ironman 2019 world championships. 842 more words


From Last Post to First Post

Yay, here we are, already to start afresh, I’m excited, I’m determined and I cant wait to get going.

I will be filling all the blanks as we go along, but briefly this is my second attempt at a blog, my first being a failure in just about every aspect including  visitors, likes, comments, follows and more importantly, the challenge I was blogging about! 863 more words


January 2, 2018 - Swim Day!

I’m still not entirely sure what to eat before my running/swimming sessions.  I prefer to do things on an empty stomach, but I was told that I need to think about fuel. 351 more words

January 1, 2018 - Run Day! Happy New Year!

I was deadbeat tired when I came home from work this morning.  When I have a pending run I am finding that it’s difficult to get decent sleep.  361 more words

December 30, 2017 - Run day! (treadmill)

Today was the first time I’ve ever tried to properly train on a treadmill.
I set up my Ipad, tossed on a movie and went to work. 224 more words