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Another Decision to speed up the map..

I had recently been putting off part of the map, my decision to not do the whole of the hospital and work on the immediate area has really gave me a bit more inspiration and freedom to be a little less accurate with it, but i have put in the prescriptions area, even if it isnt near the end of the corridor, now it will connect to A&E and the ambulance entrance in the main square allowing for another escape route. 40 more words


Reminiscent of Lil Venicia..

From the very moment i started the Basildon Hospital map i had quickly realised that the large area in the middle of the one way/disabled bays area was going to be a no-go zone due to the sheer openness of it and people would end up staying inside where its safe(r) from the guns, bullets, rockets and misfits and i had struggled with what to actually put there without it looking too out of place. 150 more words


New Lifts/Elevators/Uppy Downies/Level traversing Vertical motioned vehicles..

Just put the lifts in that lives inside the maternity block, these ones wont work either, but the one that is open will provide a nice duckNcover  for those moments when you have nowhere to go!

Half Life 2

New [WIP] map series for Episode 2 (Single player!)

So i have recently been thinking about building a series of singleplayer maps (that currently has no name) for Episode 2 and as the name suggests, I am now in the process of creating the first map.. 78 more words

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Surprise! Orpheus' Kaden: Episode One is out!

He-llo there! Boy, it’s been nearly two months since our last post! Whoops, sorry about that, it’s been a rollercoaster of a year for me personally – got a new job, hated it, quit the new job, etc… but you really don’t wanna know about that. 176 more words


Basildon Hospital Video..

I couldn’t resist making a video for it, enjoy it in it’s current “glory” !!

Half Life 2


Ok so yeah i have neglected this for a while and i give my most humblest of apologies. i do however have a ton of stuff to show you as i have been working in ye olde Hammer editor from Valve (it used to be worldcraft back when some of us made maps for quake! 91 more words

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