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The Love I Thought I Deserved

Over six years ago, in the middle of my first year in university and after my first silent protest, I got up the courage to tell my mother of the sexual violence that happened to me as a child. 1,196 more words


The Typo Half-Life Rule and the Quantum Typo

I wrote a post a while back on the physics of “Editing Half-Lives and the Decay of Typographical Particles”

Basically the theory goes, if you’re editing a manuscript and find half the typos in the first edit, the next time around you won’t get them all, just around half the ones that are left. 87 more words

Hurtin' Protagonists

Film and video games have a visual similarity in that both of them happen on screens. It creates an issue for the way that we think about games, because we it’s very easy to think about them in filmic terms. 1,088 more words

Video Games & Narrative

A Group of Modders are Making Half Life 2 VR Remaster

Many gamer ever wanted to play Half Life 2 in VR. But Value has abandoned their VR code, so we can’t. Thankfully, a group of modders are planning to make… 37 more words


'Half-Life 2' Getting VR Support

There is a lot to love about 2004’s smash-hit Half-Life 2 and now we might be getting even more to love with added VR support. 305 more words


Half-Life 2: An Aesthetic Experience, a Political Commentary, and a Warning

Background & Plot

Half-Life 2 is a classic game of the shooter genre, and is one of the highest-rated shooters of all time. The question is, does it qualify as art? 2,454 more words