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Half Life

Whispered prayers suture my lips

in this muttered language of the departed

The sound of moths shivering in ash

Are my hemorrhaged pleas to the dead… 90 more words

Review: Half-Life 2: Episode Two (~7 hours)

Valve fixed a lot of what was broken in Episode One with Episode Two. First and foremost, the combat is fun again, perhaps the most fun combat in all Half-Life 2 games. 458 more words


Review: Half-Life: Blue Shift (~3 hours)

Both Half-Life: Opposing Force, and Half-Life: Blue Shift were developed by Gearbox Software before we knew much about them. Gearbox would go on to make Borderlands, which was something of a hit and which I personally enjoyed. 400 more words


Review: Half-Life (~9 hours)

No one wants to know the ending of a movie before they watch it.  No one wants to know the ending of a book after they just started reading it.  475 more words


Top 5 Crabs in Video Games

Crabs are a constant in daily life. That’s not shocking anyone out there. You go for a run in the hills? Crab. Traversing through the low-lands and riversides? 1,360 more words


Example of a Game Review

A good example of a game review.

Also mentions how telling a story can be part of the interactive nature of the game, not relying on cinematic cut-scenes or set piece exposition etc. 11 more words


Half-Life 2: Classic -Ravenholm Demo Released

Half-Life 2: Classic is a fan project by the developers ‘Team Classic’ that is working opposite to Crowbar Collective’s Black Mesa. Instead of remastering the first game, they are aiming to bring Half-Life 2 into the original game’s engine, GoldSrc. 172 more words