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Information has a half-life...

New things are discovered every day, what isn’t talked about as much is that along with that comes the debunking of things we thought we knew to be true. 25 more words


Radio carbon dating

What is radiocarbon dating?

It is the method to find the age of the organic material with the help of the radioactive carbon present in them. 341 more words

For Half-Life, a mod came out with an alternative story of Black Mesa. It took him 5 years to develop

MrGang, a moderator with the alternative story of Black Mesa for Half-Life, announced the completion of the work. The network has appeared fresh screenshots and a link to download. 116 more words

News Game

Another Decision to speed up the map..

I had recently been putting off part of the map, my decision to not do the whole of the hospital and work on the immediate area has really gave me a bit more inspiration and freedom to be a little less accurate with it, but i have put in the prescriptions area, even if it isnt near the end of the corridor, now it will connect to A&E and the ambulance entrance in the main square allowing for another escape route. 40 more words


Reminiscent of Lil Venicia..

From the very moment i started the Basildon Hospital map i had quickly realised that the large area in the middle of the one way/disabled bays area was going to be a no-go zone due to the sheer openness of it and people would end up staying inside where its safe(r) from the guns, bullets, rockets and misfits and i had struggled with what to actually put there without it looking too out of place. 150 more words


Nothing lasts forever. (But a proton comes close!)

Nothing lasts forever so they say. All is in a state of flux; change is inevitable in this life.

I came across an interesting ( to me ;-) ) scientific assumption the other day that puts another perspective on this. 215 more words


New Lifts/Elevators/Uppy Downies/Level traversing Vertical motioned vehicles..

Just put the lifts in that lives inside the maternity block, these ones wont work either, but the one that is open will provide a nice duckNcover  for those moments when you have nowhere to go!

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