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Let's Play Half Life Ep 4

In this episode Dave tries to be his best Gordon Freeman, as usual, and finally get’s past the giant, flame spewing, monster! Now he’s on a rail trying to find his way! 66 more words


My top eleven video games of all time*

The cake is a lie.

  1. Portal.  What starts off as an intriguing puzzle game quickly becomes a compelling, and chilling adventure.  A unique premise, mind-bending physics and a villain with the sassiest one-liners ever. 
  2. 540 more words

Half Life Let's Play Ep 3

In this episode Gabe continues to mess with The Dave Formally Known as Hobo, as Dave tries to be the best Gordon Freeman he can be! 32 more words


Half Life Let's Play Ep 2

Dave continues to try and be the best Gordon Freeman he can be! He fails, but he tries really hard to not fail! Watch as the beginning of the end of the world continues with giant monsters, soldiers, and Dave taking Gabe seriously…. 21 more words


New Channel Schedule!

We have begun the transition into making our channel more structured and predictable. This means timed video releases. This will make things easier to know when videos are coming out! 118 more words


Too Many Games: SiN Episodes: Emergence

SiN! Man I remember wanting to play SiN. Before Half-Life deservedly blew the entire genre out of the water, SiN seemed like an equal competitor to my tiny little brain. 513 more words

Too Many Games

Book Review: Half-Life by Tina Ferraro

by Tina Ferraro

Summary from Goodreads:

Half a life is not worth living.

Probably not a good idea to take advice from your dead twin sister. 558 more words

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