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Neither dead nor alive

I think artists are neither dead nor alive. They’re in an in-between state. Half in the realm of the living, half in the realm of the dead.


Atomica released in selected theatres

Atomica (Previously named Deep Burial and then Half Life) is a project Dominic Monaghan filmed about 4 years ago, and he is also listed as an Executive Producer. 382 more words

Dominic Monaghan

I like First Person Shooters

I have been trying to write about video games ever since I began writing blogs on the internet about four years ago. I never got around to it because I felt like I wasn’t really qualified to write about games like those guys on them fancy websites. 2,767 more words


Great Video Game Story, or Greatest Video Game Story?

I’ve always been a fan of a great story. Ever since I learned to read, I couldn’t keep my face out of books. Whether it was Michael Chrichton’s  1,673 more words

Doom 3

Greatest Video Game Deaths That No One Will Forget

Video game fans may be a little more acclimatized to the early demise of a character. After all, the gaming community has had to put up with the lives of fan favorites being cut short for an extremely long time. 625 more words


Ezekiel's Half-Life pt 3.2

Published on Mar 8, 2017

For those who watched to the end of the video. Yes, I am taking a break from making the Half-Life videos. 154 more words

Amazing Video That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

Sometimes, the ambitions of a creator can exceed the limitations of technology, technology and imagination maintaining a seemingly uncooperative relationship. In fact, sometimes an invention can come along too soon, long before the world is adequately prepared for its arrival, leaving people confused, or downright concerned. 750 more words