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Half-Life Alpha v0.52

Half-Life v0.52 is an early development version of Half-Life done by Valve Corporation in 1997. Originally intented for press preview purposes, it appeared publicly in early 2013. 32 more words


Old Age Code

Is your code ready for retirement? Is it suffering from the diseases of old age? Do you have code you can’t even imagine retiring? It’s just too critical? 1,187 more words

Software Development

Epic Pictures Acquires "Half Life"

Earlier today, Epic Pictures announced that they have acquired the worldwide rights to upcoming sci-fi thriller Half Life. Appearing equally post-apocalyptic and futuristic, the film’s trailer delivers a lot of beautiful chaos, despite looking like a relatively contained film. 96 more words


Hioshi, Flash Leopards final flame

Rest now … young brother

Rest and now the dragon is here to take over

you fought hard to hold on

you are an eternal flame… 52 more words

Half-Life 3 Will Hopefully Never Come Out

Marc Laidlaw, a sci-fi writer most famous for his work on Half-Life and Half-Life 2, has recently left Valve. The news brought back the eternal question: will Half-Life 3 ever come out? 1,152 more words


Game of the Year - 1998

I started playing Halflife around 1999, maybe 1998… i’ve slept since then.   Halflife was one of those big moments for me in gaming…  The Odyssey 2, Commodore 64, Super Mario Bros. 204 more words


Source Engine frame drops

Also known as lag spikes, or FPS drops, or frame stuttering, this annoying problem doesn’t happen only in Valve’s Source engine, as I’ve experienced, but also in GoldSrc(yeah, the Half-Life 1 engine). 350 more words