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City Scanner

Since I had so much fun with the last Modo / Substance project I did, thought I’d do another one :)

This time, I decided to make a City Scanner, from Half Life 2. 682 more words


5 Video Game Remakes I'd Pay All The Money To Play

Shadow Hearts

Gaining something of a cult following, this RPG series has a massive pendulum of hits and misses within each game. The timing-based fighting system, magics, grotesque enemy design, and even the story are surprisingly good. 685 more words


Pet Peeve: The Floor Falling Out From Under Me

I’ve only just started noticing how much this annoys me. When you’re just walking along, doing your thing, and through no fault of your own and with little or no warning, the floor just drops out from beneath you? Yeah, that.

I hate that.


Anticitizen Chapter One by Braindawg Released

Forum member Braindawg has just released the first chapter of his massive GMod comic, Anticitizen! Check it out on the forums!


Unforeseen Consequences: The Half-Life Backstory

The Half-Life series has probably one of the most complex and well-done stories in any video game to date, and today we’ll be looking at another backstory, what happened leading up to the fateful day when the Resonance Cascade at the Black Mesa Research Facility changed humanity forever. 1,196 more words


Get inside Half-Life with the Life-Size Prop Replica Crowbar

Bring Half-Life to real life! Fend off those Headcrabs with the Half-Life Life-Size Prop Replica Crowbar, inspired by the wildly successful video game. Jinx Inc. brings us the ideal tool for scientists looking to unravel the great scientific mysteries. 24 more words


i have a headcanon barne plays guitar and likes to jam with the rebels (◡‿◡✿)

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