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Using a radon detector to estimate entry rate

Radon gas levels in indoor spaces are known to fluctuate considerably, so continuous monitoring is necessary to compute long-term averages. This particular radon detector, which uses continuous air sampling coupled to algorithm-based alpha spectrometry, is designed to do this job and has gained good reviews on Amazon. 1,134 more words


The Top Six Video Game Protagonist that Just Won't Talk.

It’s amazing how some video game protagonist won’t say a word, even as the world crumbles around them. Today we’re taking a look at my top six video game protagonists that never talk, but probably should. 545 more words


Most Incredibly Unique Weapons In Video Games

Video games are able to bend and break the rules of physics, so developers can create weapons capable of much greater, more exciting things.

Shark-O-Matic – Saints Row 3… 833 more words


Top Five Robots in Gaming

Side characters have always been a favorite of mine when it came to playing video game campaigns. They come in such variety, from a badass dog that roams the Wasteland with you to a woman who can open tears into alternate realities. 811 more words


Honors Chemistry 31 - Nuclear Chemistry

This is one of my favorite chemistry topics since its also a topic in physics.  I pulled out an old slide show on nuclear physics, different types of nuclear reactions, fission, fusion, atomic bombs, power plants, all the good stuff.   476 more words


The Final Station: A Study In Great Low Cost Storytelling in Games

I had not played The Final Station (which you can find on Steam for fifteen bucks) before, and it was only by virtue of a Steam Code sent to my deadname email address (under which I previously wrote about games) that it arrived along with a code for the game’s new (excellent) DLC, … 1,187 more words


5. Player Power - New Life in Video Games

When a little known, two-year-old game appeared on the best-seller list on Steam in 2012, it caught some eyes. ARMA 2 was relatively well received on its release in 2010, but with advancing technologies and competing programs, games generally do not survive as a best seller for two years. 441 more words

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