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The Escape from City 17

I’ve been playing nothing but Half-Life 2 lately, and even though I had recently finished the main game, my adventure with our silent hero Gordon Freeman was not yet over.  1,369 more words


HL2 and The Legacy

November 16th, 2004 was a red letter day for nearly all of us in the PC Realm. The original Half-Life  which dropped in 1998 was a reminder that First Person Shooters can be something more then just shooty-shooty-bang-bang and redefined the FPS genre. 648 more words


Half-Life 2, I Fear You No Longer

Despite lots of difficulties, including a great need to conquer my earlier fears, I finally beat Half-Life 2.  It took me about a month, and honestly, it feels like I’ve been with this game for much longer because so much has happened in all that time.  1,473 more words


Half - Life

One of the best linear story driven single player shooter of all times.

I remember playing the game when I was a teenager and couldn’t understand English at all.  440 more words


Oh, So That’s Why We Don’t Go to Ravenholm

I wrote a short while back about my initial experiences with Half-Life 2, namely concerning how uneasy the game made me feel because of how real the environment looked and the first person perspective.  1,103 more words


Half Life 2 Theory

The Half-Life 2 story line centers around the events in the life of one Gordon Freeman. Initially, in Half-Life 1, he is just your average scientist working in a research facility called the Black Mesa research facility. 780 more words


5 Classic PC Games that are Still Worth a Play

Guest Post by: Caroline from Culture Coverage

I would like to thank Real Women of Gaming for publishing this article. They cover everything related to gaming, including conventions and reviews. 957 more words