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1998 - The Greatest Year in Gaming?

So it’s been 20 years and to this day, some consider 1998 as the year that some of the finest games were released. Below are some games that highlight some of the quality releases that came out that year & my feelings on each : 867 more words

Showcase: Project Borealis - Half-Life 3

Visit Project Borealis here.

Back in August of 2017, a synopsis of the long-awaited Half-Life 2: Episode 3 game was published. This event shocked the world — or at least the many people that love or obsess over the Half-Life franchise. 356 more words


[Article] Survival Horror: Mid-life Crisis

By the early 2000s, the sub-genre of survival horror had become so enshrined and pervasive within video game markets, that it had even begun to stray out into popular culture: Resident Evil and Silent Hill had both enjoyed varying degrees of success as cinema and comic book adaptations, certain images, concepts and lines from the games became enshrined within popular culture, largely thanks to the escalating phenomena of the internet.

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Day 16 – Going Nuclear

Working from home today. From the website, it looks like we did an activity on radioactive decay, where the concept of half-life was demonstrated using skittles. 545 more words

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Creationist or Evolutionist?: I don't have a dog in the fight

Credibility, it’s something you can only lay claim to if you are honest. When it comes to evolution, I am OK with whatever you believe, but to call it fact without physical, see-able, touchable evidence is a shot to your credibility. 378 more words

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Weird Video Game Related Dreams... Do you have them?

I dream a lot. I get vivid nightmares a lot. I’ve had more than my share of weird, bizarre dreams that freak me out… I’ve had dreams where I was being stalked by real life demons, ones where my friends (at the time) were swinging themselves through the air while biting a rope that they swang on, and even more bizarre dreams… 1,017 more words

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I've Played a Dead and Broken Half-Life Mod With Friends for Over a Decade

It’s not uncommon for a group of friends to have a hangout game. For some it’s a mindless shooter like Destiny, for others it’s whatever competitive title is hot at the moment, but my title has always been the same. 1,153 more words