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Half-Life 2: Will You Just Inhale The Alien Intensity, Dammit!?

Legendary PC romp Half-Life 2 turned 11 on the 16th of November, and my word what an occasion to be all whimsical. Normally on Professional Moron we grumble and complain about how the modern games industry is plagued by violent first-person shooters. 561 more words

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This Why Half-Life 2 Never Gets Episode 3

It’s one of gaming’s most elusive titles, and to this day, Half-Life 2: Episode 3 remains unreleased. What happened?

1998 was a much simpler time in the world of gaming, especially that of the FPS. 2,694 more words


Left 4 Dead 2 Review

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“Fast Paced Zombie Murder Simulator”

I am a big fan of Valve games, like a really big fan. Before Left For Dead 2, I played the first game, but actually preferred playing Team Fortress 2, Portal and Half Life.

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Soundtracks of my life pt II.

Hajjaj. Repül az idő. Ma kaptam egy értesítést a WordPresstől, hogy pontosan 5 éve regisztráltam az oldalra. Atyám. Ha arra gondolok hogy a blog gyakorlatban ebből az 5 évből nagyjából 3-at teljes síri csendben porosodott az egyik szerver sarkában akkor elnézhetjük. 1,279 more words


Evolution in 60 Posts - Part 10 - Radiometric Dating

Copyright 2015, Dennis Mitton

Just after the turn of the last century, a decade after Roentgen photographed his wife’s hand and wedding ring using x-rays, radiochemists Boltwood and Rutherford began work on a novel idea: if a rock contains some amount of a radioactive element, and if we know the rate of decay, and if we have some knowledge of the original composition, then we should be able to calculate the age of said rock based on the amount of daughter product present. 1,094 more words


Daily Ramblings: Do you ever get the itch to play games?

As the title reads do you ever get the itch to play games?

When I was young I used to play games all the time and I would put games above my social life by spending hours on my computer losing time so quickly that I would forget what day it was. 206 more words

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