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Late Gamer: Half-Life 2

My second post! Another step in truly making this a series.

I hadn’t really played Half-Life in a long time but has always remained as my all time favorite video game ever since I played it back in 2007. 1,301 more words


Upgrading Old and Busted to NEW HOTNESS - Humble Beginnings

You might have noticed a slew of articles coming from people who aren’t me, and that’s happening because apparently this blog is high-profile enough to get more than just me writing for it. 3,230 more words

Weiss Schwarz

Appreciate Kamijou Touma

Tie-in review of the Index Comeback Campaign with the other article that will soon be posted. It’s a separate post because it looked pretty clunky and ugly in the other article, and this way people who only want a somewhat-informed opinion on the comeback campaign can come straight here. 3,081 more words

Weiss Schwarz

JACK's Inside Track: Black Sabbath's "Paranoid"

You don’t really think Sabbath STOLE the main riff for arguably their BIGGEST hit ever, do ya?! Listen to JACK today and decide for yodamsef… 7 more words


Opinion - Evaluating the Past

Adjusting my rose colored glasses.

When approaching a retro review, it’s important to recognize the baggage that comes with it.  Unlike a current review, retro reviews evaluate beloved games of old to see if they hold up to their more modern descendants.  630 more words

Half-Life 3 Confirmed!!!....To Probably Never Happen

Last Friday YouTube channel “The Know” uploaded a video where they claimed that an anonymous inside source from valve confirmed two things: Half-Life 3 is, in fact,in development. 205 more words


Marc Laidlaw confirms The Know's Half-Life Rumors to be False

The Know, a YouTube channel consisting of Rooster Teeth members who post videos about news in gaming, recently published a video about an anonymous source from within Valve. 138 more words