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Something Different: Freeman's Mind

Released back in 2007, Freeman’s Mind was something I passed over because I didn’t give it much thought. “How could a video series of giving a voice to a silent protagonist be funny?” and just sort of went on with my life. 47 more words

Borderlands Movie Development

Last August, the news broke that Lionsgate was set to head up a Borderlands movie adaptation. The Hunger Games and Divergent studio will take the Gearbox tale to the big screen, and until now that’s pretty much all we’ve known about the latest journey from controller to cinema. 211 more words



4th tattoo design.
I tried pixel art for the first time !
Feel free to use.
If you do, let me know :3


4 Simple Steps to Save Money on PC Games

Turns out it’s actually quite easy to spend less money, shop less. Same thing with spending less money on Steam.

I used to spend so much money on Steam. 435 more words

Three's Company: Firewatch, The Swapper, and Half-Life

Hey there! This is the third of a three-part series on The Swapper – if you haven’t read the first two, you can read them… 984 more words

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Game Review: Half-Life

Background: Long time ago, an alien race known as the Vortigons lived happily in their home world. Suddenly a space time rift was opened and an alien empire known as the Combine flooded into their home world. 639 more words