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Gaming Fantasy Dinner Party – Guest Number One

There are hundreds of exceptional videogame characters. Mighty men and women capable of cutting down whole armies of monstrous creations. Warriors with astonishing abilities. Wielders of inconceivable magic. 1,189 more words


Dear Valve. Never make Half Life 3

For years now, Half Life fans have been getting themselves hyped about a game that they aren’t even sure really exists. Any slight hint they think they might have found pertaining to the existence of the game sends them into a frenzied state. 478 more words


HTC hints at Half-life virtual reality video game

HTC’s chairwoman has said she “hopes” a Half-life video game will be one of the titles released for her company’s virtual-reality headset.

Cher Wang was speaking a day after HTC revealed it was working with games publisher Valve to put its VR helmet on sale before the end of the year. 46 more words


Yay my birth day -_-

This stupid period of the year when everyone fakes caring about who you are, and when your facebook wall gets filled with congrats, i just hate it. 187 more words


[Official News] HalfLife 3 Confirmed? Check It Out!


Announcement on March 3? Valve ensures speculation

Stands before the official announcement of Half-Life 3? On March 3 by 3 clock local Valve is planning a conference at the GDC 2015. 262 more words

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What is Valve up to: Half-life 3, The Orange Box 2, or nothing at all

Valve – the publishing and development house behind the seminal Half-Life, Team Fortress, Portal, Counterstrike, and Left 4 Dead series’ – is largely seen as a PC-centric company. 280 more words

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Half-Life 3......Whaaa?

There is something VALVe is up to!, well you may say that it’s always up to something but this time it’s indicating to Half-Life 3… 212 more words