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Form is temporary ...

… class is permanent.

‘And if I get to Heaven’s gate
I’ll doubtless have to wait
While St Peter investigates the inevitable asterisk
The inside of a Halex Three-Star table-tennis ball… 8 more words


Editor's Recommendations - Half Man Half Biscuit [#415]

Just to reassure you, I’m not, by any means, channelling John Peel here but we did have similar tastes in music it seems. Anyway, those four lads who shook the Wirral take centre stage on the music project once more. 174 more words

Half Man Half Biscuit

'Sainsbury's security ...

Seeing this ‘brick-inducing, bowel-shifting’ dance-fart always reminds me of this:



Punk Music as Metaphor

Some years ago BBC 6 music was at risk of closing due to its small listenership, so a campaign was launched to save it. One night, DJ Gideon Coe played the punk song by Half Man Half Biscuit, Joy Division Oven Gloves, adding that only on 6 music could this oddity be heard. 182 more words

Real Life

Sound and Fury: signifying nothing?


Is it just me or is the best thing about the “net” the fact that you can find out what happened to Third Lanark, the Vernons Girls and the Dagenham Girl Pipers with a couple of clicks? 1,148 more words


Half Man Half Biscuit, The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 12 June 2015

‘At DFS a job I have landed
But I don’t get paid for the first five years…’

If that raises a smile you could be a potential fan of the cult national treasure that is… 426 more words


CSI: Ambleside - Half Man Half Biscuit [#330]

A man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets

Before I met my beloved I was only vaguely aware of Half man half biscuit, but over the last 7 years I have listened to many hours of their music, usually a captive audience in his car but once live locally.  143 more words

Half Man Half Biscuit