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Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance

I know that Love Will Tear Us Apart is a brilliant record, but, for me, this has the edge and is my favourite Joy Division song.   113 more words

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And then there was?

Radiohead.  I can’t really ignore this – the moment when they arrived on the scene.  First played by (whoa) Gary Davies on Radio 1.  Unlikely, but true. 76 more words

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Why does Mr Universe always come from Earth?

Half Man Half Biscuit’s ‘Urge for Offal’ is my Album of the Week #5. I have been addicted to the music of these lads from the Wirral peninsular since first hearing ‘Trumpton Riots’ on John Peel in about 1986. 196 more words



The contents of this online review of the most recent Half Man Half Biscuit LP captures it all so perfectly:-

If Half Man Half Biscuit did not exist, it would be imperative to invent them. 1,692 more words

Half Man Half Biscuit


I shouldn’t…..but I get quite annoyed whenever I see Half Man Half Biscuit lumped in with the C86 movement.  Yes, their initial recordings were marked by a cheapness and low-fi quality that became the mark of the C86 bands but given that the utterly brilliant Back In The D.H.S.S was released in 1985   – and by utterly brilliant I mean not only was it great entertainment but it I had never heard anything quite like it before – it seems unfair that a band as distinctive and ground-breaking as HMHB were put into a genre where a lot of bands sounded and indeed looked alike. 258 more words

Half Man Half Biscuit

Wallowing merrily in an Offal album

Half Man Half Biscuit: Urge For Offal (Probe Plus)

THE BISCUITS ARE guaranteed a place in Indie Heaven when eventually they shuffle off this mortal coil after a slew of excellent albums that finds uses for plankton-level celebrities, and revels in the minutae of everyday life. 403 more words

Frank Turner @ 93 Feet East - London

Oxygen Thief is a complete anomaly. There is nothing like him in music at present. You couldn’t fault his enthusiasm; he went absolutely mental on stage from start to finish. 520 more words