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My Cheating Feet: The Guilt of Changing Brands

Back in 2012 I decided to jump feet first into the world of semi-serious long distance running. As part of my initiation into this subculture, my runner girlfriend (now my runner wife) let me know in no uncertain terms that I needed to buy “real” running shoes. 713 more words



Injury – it might as well be an ugly, 4-letter world to an athlete of any sport.

Last year, after my 2nd half marathon I wound up being sidelined for 5 weeks with posterior tibial tendonits and a tibial stress fracture in my left leg and peroneal tendonitis in my right. 834 more words

Do It - Even When You Dont Want To

Piggy backing off of yesterday’s post – I had planned to wake up run for an hour then take Pilates. My body had other plans. I was up a little passed my bed time last night and it through off my whole morning routine. 429 more words

countdown to Providence 13.1 begins!

Finally made my decision for a spring half-marathon and registered for the Cox Providence Half. So stoked to run my 4th 13.1 in scenic Prov. Clearly this was my motivation to head out for a run on this 20 degree, windy day. 80 more words

Half Training - Week 1

Alright so the week is already half way through BUT I said I’d post about the HM I’m running and the training for it so here we go. 609 more words


Winter Blues

The time has come.  Seems as though it gets earlier and earlier every year.  I have had it with Winter.  Dread it getting here, dread it even more in the midst of it, and eventually fed up completely with the cold and bitterness.   299 more words


Huntington Beach Half Marathon 2016

Moments before the race, here I am in the crowd getting that pre-installed adrenaline rush.

Me and great friend Greg.

I’m ready to run!

Hamming it up at mile 4. 37 more words

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