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Countdown to Love Run (136 days)

So I did a thing. I signed up for my first half marathon! In 136 days I will be attacking 13.1 miles of the Love Run… 421 more words

3 miles...not 4

I did it!   I ran last night.   I wasn’t able to do 4 but I did do 3….and man oh man was it U-G-L-Y.   I’ve been sick with an upper respiratory cold…for those of us afflicted with asthma, the added fun that comes with having a cold is most awesome….and to add to that …I’ve been smoking a lot lately (not recommended for asthmatics)…I don’t smoke all the time, just whenever I drink…but like lately, that’s been every day that ends in “y.”   I’m a frigg’n mess!! 180 more words


USA Half Marathon Race Report

It was a fun and quick trip to San Diego for half marathon #5 (#3 post pregnancy) the USA Half Marathon Invitational.

This race was the first half marathon that you had to have a qualifying time for, although the standards were not nearly as tough as Boston. 820 more words

Race Reports

Route 66 Tulsa Half Marathon: A Run Down Memory Lane

In addition to being the city where I went to high school, college and med school; Tulsa is also the city where I learned to love running. 1,624 more words


For the love of lifting

I have recently begun a proper, legit strength training program. This has been a long time coming when I think about it, since I have long followed and admired Youtubers such as… 386 more words


Injuries and the need to build strength

It has been 24 days since my last run.

Pre-Nov, this year, there was only one week in June when I did not run at all. 811 more words