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Thanks to N. S. Martello

Sal Martello posted this comment –“I posted some pics of half moon on marine traffic.com if you want to use those pic for your blog.”  So I went and looked and here they are. 46 more words


Hoorn-Bound Half Moon

If Half Moon had a voice and addressed folks in her new permanent port, she’d say something like this:  Mijn reis is begonnen. Ik zie jullie in minder dan een maan. 187 more words


Half Moon

This is a wonderful book is not known by a lot of people, but it is very much a page turner!

Half Moon is about a boy named Fletcher Moon, but most people call him Half Moon.

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Vintage half moon wood table

Great vintage find by FromMyWeddingToYours (40.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1BJzXAQ

The Raven, The Chimney, and The Moon

Why is the March picture on the 2015 ricksrrg.com calendar called The Raven, The Chimney, and The Moon? That is a good question. I’m glad you asked. 237 more words

Posture Particulars - Half Moon Pose with Hands to Feet Pose

First and foremost is to continue the particulars we spoke of in Pranayama Breathing; standing straight, engaging core (Bandha’s), not collapsing the chest.  As many teachers and the picture above demonstrate, it is all in the hips; notice how the two students are leaning into each other, imagine you are leaning into another person, a wall, and your hips are really moving to the opposite side as your hands.   144 more words

Hot Happenings!

The First Europeans

The Dutch and Albany…

What do the words “stoop”, “kil”, “coleslaw” and “vly” have in common? They all have Dutch origins, just like Albany itself. 459 more words