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pesky little "brother"

Ron reports that Half Moon has become a real pest.

An adorable, cute, sweet, handsome pest.

But a pest nonetheless.

Apparently he has decided to play with, annoy, and/or pester Spot the most. 154 more words

Random Half Moon Nail Art

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to create this random Half Moon nail art design.

Things you need:

Nude polish: Wah London – I’m Real… 106 more words

dusk dance

It’s been a few days since I’ve written and now I’m actually on another continent (!?).

Last time I wrote about Half Moon’s new games and variations thereof. 525 more words

new game

Half Moon started a new game last night, building off the earlier jog over, bunk, get pets routine.

I squatted down, called to him, and stuck out my hand wiggling my fingers. 170 more words

nibbly, bouncy, bunky

We are having a wonderful time watching and interacting with Half Moon.

He is so cute.

It’s been fascinating watching him go through his little sheepy developmental milestones in these first 5.5 days (!). 559 more words

Delicate Dangles

I had my engagement photos taken the day after I painted these, and I figured that in 15 years I might not want to look back and see rainbow nails (I mean, honestly, I likely would but just in caseā€¦) so I have some pretty subtle dangly black and pink nails today! 181 more words

Nail Art

three thousand words?

A few photos from around 7 o’clock this evening. Remember that Half Moon is not even three days old (!).

Note: the next one was not zoomed (!). 138 more words