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2 months old

Half Moon was two months old on Friday; technically, around 11 o’clock that night.

He gets sweeter, calmer, and more interactive by the day. It’s funny how he looks more and more like a (heading toward adult) sheep, but he’s been so socialized to us, he acts like… I’m not sure what. 237 more words

Friday 17th July 1846

“Had bread and cheese dinner at the Coach and Horses, York Street, Westminster, first time, adjoining the ancient almshouses in that street dated 1577, from the tap room of which I had a capital view of the back premises and gardens where was some of the inmates walking, all old widows of the parish of St Margaret Westminster, the eldest of whom was 96 years of age.

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#31DC2016Weekly 18: Half Moon

I cannot say I love the half moon look on myself; it looks really nice on some people, but I just feel awkward wearing it. Half moons being the prompt for today, I went with a stamped manicure. 239 more words


a few photos

Let’s start with the happy photos.

Half Moon on the summer solstice (June 21).

And Half Moon yesterday–seven weeks old (!).

Just in case you need a reminder, here he is at (almost) three days old. 130 more words

Day 206 of 365 Days of Song

Day 206 – Janis Joplin – Half Moon

Recently watched the Janis Joplin documentary film and couldn’t help fall in love with her and her singing voice.

365 Day Song Challenge

he remembered

Ron and I are still sad about the loss of the chicks yesterday. I have images of the 14 chicks in my head that I just can’t shake. 661 more words

Wishlist Wednesday: Nail Art

I have talked about how I usually like to do my own manicures at home.  It has been probably about two years or so since I went to a nail salon to pay someone else to paint my nails.   409 more words