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Getting comfortable (2)

I’m not the only one getting comfortable. Airplane guy always complains his appartment is too hot and that he needs to be half-naked. I think he is sometime using that as an excuse to show off his body.



A POISONED SPEAR? in TANKA - In Response To NaPoWriMo, 2015 : Day 01

to hunt, half naked

in vines, not in hunting gears

for food to survive

with poisoned arrow in hand

what’s that thing, a poisoned spear ?


Kris Jenner's Plans To Make Kylie A "Sex Symbol"

WOW!!! I mean the this woman should be put down. She’s made a living off pimpin’ out her kids and she has gone TOO FAR!!! Her latest target is her youngest daughter Kylie. 26 more words