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Haking Halina 35X

The Halina 35X, manufactured in Hong Kong by Haking starting in 1959 is an attractive 35mm viewfinder with a small form factor. Also known as the Micronta 35X, it is a solidly built, and heavy, camera. 69 more words


Sexism, racism, ageism and native speakerism – job ads in ELT

Workshop at TESOL Spain 2016 with Daniel Baines

Workshop at TESOL Spain 2016 with Daniel Baines

Earlier this year Marek Kiczkowiak and I gave a talk at TESOL Spain in Vitoria-Gasteiz about native speakerism in teacher training (you can download the ppt… 1,354 more words


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There are NNEST with tremendous language proficiency and phonological ability just as there are NEST with pronunciation and grammar that few would identify as native and vice-versa. Would you like to learn English from me? Don't forget, I am a non- native English teacher.Picture 18

A Quick Bite

I like meetings. it assures me that a project is moving forward.

I had an interesting one yesterday with a filmmaker friend, with whom I am to work on a music video for an upstart local band called HALINA ( 218 more words

A Day In The Life

'The Native factor' Silvana's plenary - IATEFL 2016 Day 2

‘The Native factor’ Silvana’s plenary – IATEFL 2016 Day 2

IATEFL 2016 Plenary Day 2

Silvana  Richardson

Silvana introduced herself: she is not tall, she is not male, not single, not an atheist, not a sport, not fantasy buff, not a native speaker. 502 more words

The Native Factor: the discussion continues

Hands up, dear readers, those who of you who think I am a ‘native speaker’ of British English.

Hands up if you think I am from England. 2,087 more words


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Non- native English Teacher. Let’s be the majority, not the minority. We shake our heads at the unpleasant (often an understatement!) things our ancestors have done in the name of labels and arbitrary categories, but let’s remember that we also need to shake our heads and stand up against what’s happening now. This is the only way to rid our profession of discrimination and ensure that we have qualified teachers teaching English rather than people who have been hired because their first language is a particular variety of English and (in some cases) because they have white skin.



Birmingham Online Registered Bloggers | IATEFL Online

I am proud to be  a Birmingham Online Registered Blogger

Some of the  sessions which we were able to watch online.

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