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Halley VI Research Station opened today

Halley VI opens today.  This is the Station I spent the last 4 years filming the building of in Antarctica.  This Station will help keep Britain at the forefront of Antarctic science and help educate the world on lower and upper atmospherics.   137 more words

New Antarctica Research Station Sets Up Shop.

A new British research station in Antarctica is officially up and running, the British Antarctic Surveyannounced today (Feb. 4).

Known as the Halley VI Research Station, it is the sixth such base built by the… 406 more words

Science News.

Antarctic half marathon, what really happened that day

This is what really happened on the Ice road event on the Brunt ice shelf Antarctica.

Antarctic Half Marathon

Here this years Half marathon from Halley where competitors had to run from Halley V to the new Halley VI station.  Part 02 to follow.

Chef Chris's hair through the winter

Chris made this wee film two days ago on iMovie.  Great idea.  Have a watch, Chris is the past wintering chef at Halley V and he is cooking my meals just now.

Solar Eclipse, Antarctica

Solar Eclipse in Antarctica, filmed at Halley Station. My first ever solar eclipse, was great to see. Several of us spent hours the night before fanny-ing with filters from goggles held in front to welding glass. 43 more words

The Journey to Halley Part 2

Here our stay at Union Glacier continues as the bad weather stays with us or Halley.  Finally we get away and off to work though.