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Boo Books and Turkeys!

Hello! I have gotten behind on posting photos of our weekly arts and crafts activities, so I’m going to attempt to catch up some this morning. 85 more words


Puffy Cotton Ball Ghost

Today I was looking for an easy, paint free craft. Glue seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Mateo’s never encountered glue before so it offered a new sensory experience for him while allowing me to skip the cleanup associated with painting adventures. 611 more words

Pumpkin Carving and Painting

Here’s an important fact about me. I’m a scrooge. In fact, I’m an equal opportunity scrooge. I dislike all holidays. With every holiday, there comes a moment when I glance outside and see the porches lined with decorations and realize I should probably not pass my holiday grumpiness onto my child and whip out the decorations. 649 more words

Loo Roll Spiders

(Toddlers and Preschool)

Halloween firmly cemented our households love of all things spiders! (Even I am coming around to the idea!) So we decided to give loo roll spider painting a go. 183 more words

Toddler And Preschool

Kindergarten Halloween -at Word Lesson

This week I had the opportunity to teach a lesson to my son’s Kindergarten class.  His teacher requested a lesson on The -AT Word Family and since I happened to be teaching on Halloween I figured there was no better time to bring in a black cat :).   240 more words

Monday Make: Leafy Pumpkin...

So unfortunately this Monday make didn’t quite go to plan, but I thought I’d post about it anyway because fails can be just as interesting. 390 more words

WonderfulWolf Makes


Last year I did this too, don’t judge.

For the past week it’s been raining heavily and there’s been some tough wind blowing away anything, so I don’t want to put out anything beyond the front porch. 35 more words