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American Roadtrip | Oregon and Halloween

This was something that we had had booked in for a while and we were so excited to see some familiar faces and experience the fun of Halloween in America. 1,078 more words


Autumn Scene

Here’s a new sketch, had a lot of fun doing it! It’s so cool having an image in your head and getting it down on paper 😃


Movies Featured More Female Protagonists in 2018, but It's Not All Good News (Study)

“Halloween,” “A Star is Born,” and “Crazy Rich Asians” made headlines for featuring strong roles for women, but even though the number of female film protagonists hit a high in 2018, the movie industry still offered its juiciest parts to men. 676 more words


All I’ve Been Doing is Reading

The title is true. Other than work, a few custom card orders, writing letters, and watching my way through Schitt’s Creek and The Office, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. 1,079 more words



#047 – Halloween Fiend by C.V. Hunt

Now available!

Click here for the paperback and Kindle.

Strang isn’t the small, quaint town it appears to be. 71 more words

Forged by Fire: An Editor's Guide

The truth can be tough, especially in writing. Authors aspire to tell a tale. They gather the courage to put it on paper. They present it to friends and family, receiving a roborant surge of encouragement that emboldens them to pitch query letters.Then finally, a publishing contract is signed and the editing begins. 390 more words