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Turning 31 at university

I turned 31 last Sunday 27 November and so I thought this would be as good a time as ever to reflect properly on the issues around being older than you perhaps ought to be in uni. 550 more words

The 90's are back. How could we have let this happen?

I remember the 90’s. I appreciate that’s no claim to fame but I don’t meet many other people in student halls who do, and I feel that the current trend towards the fashion of that decade doesn’t scare these young-folk enough. 510 more words

Solent Halls nominated for national award

With modern facilities, the best student experience and affordable prices, Southampton Solent’s own residential halls have been nominated for a national award.

The residences have been nominated in the category of “Exceptional University Halls of Residence”. 189 more words


Living in halls at 30

It might be tempting to question the motives of a 30-year-old, single man who moves into university halls of residence. In fact, many of my friends did, but maybe that’s a reflection on my character more than anything else. 422 more words

OK... So it's been a while!

Right, it’s been an ashamedly long time since I created this blog, and in doing so joined the millions of blog owners with a total of one post on a dormant account. 167 more words

See It Off Fresher!

Hello there!

I think for the purpose of this post it should be know that I, unaccustomed as I am, am a second year university student. 764 more words

What do you take to Uni?

With the second one off to University in September, we are back to building a mountain of bits and pieces that need to be carted to and from a distant city at least three times in the next three years. 421 more words