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Campaign: Home is where the art is

At present, there is a housing crisis in London. The city is permeated with substandard accommodation, coupled with soaring prices. Students are living in almost squalor to be able to study in the capitol and it is proving to be incredibly detrimental to their physical and mental health, their studies and their finances. 107 more words


Campaign: Home is where the art is

As part of the aforementioned housing campaign, I also took a few snaps to show students contributing to the collection of student views on their London housing experience. 38 more words


Landscape of student property letting is changing with growth of premium private halls

If you are thinking of investing in property and renting to students, then choose your location and type of property carefully – the student lettings market is changing dramatically. 458 more words


Seething Wells room advertised to public on flat share website

A Kingston student at Seething Wells advertised his halls of residence room on flat share website Spareroom as being available for non-students and smokers from 27 April. 278 more words


Short survey reveals that over 60 per cent of Seething Wells students unhappy with bathrooms and security

Students living in Seething Wells are reported to be the happiest in Kingston University, but according to a recent survey the bathrooms are bringing them down. 347 more words


Why do universities build such expensive accommodation?

We’ve all been there; falling in love with a university at the open day, thinking “yup, this is where I want to spend the next 3-4 years of my life”. 516 more words


Beware the Halls of Residence at Denton Holmes!

My time at University of Cumbria was not wasteful but I could have made better choices. I’m not regretting my experience as it has helped me to make less mistakes in the future if I ever decide to go back into education which is not anytime soon. 596 more words