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My Top 5 University Living Essentials

Its been almost six months since I moved away from home to begin my new adventure at University, and what an eventful six months it has been. 718 more words


School Does Not Prepare You for the World of Work

I have attended two high schools in my lifetime. One for lower school and the other for the completion of upper school. The two schools were very different in their representation of the quintessential successful student and now as a university student–employee (*beats chest proudly*) I see that only one of those perspectives makes for the ideal worker. 824 more words


The pros of sharing a room in uni halls...

Going off to uni can be very daunting. For most students it will be your first time away from home, without the comfort of your parent’s home cooked meals or your mum’s words of wisdom, no sibling to pick fights with when you’re bored, and you haven’t got your dad to come and pick you up when you’re out in the early hours and you’ve spent all your taxi money on cheesy chips. 1,194 more words

January Blues

The Christmas holidays in halls are boring because everyone goes home. A worker-ant line of parents wound it’s way through the building the second term had finished, extracting their offspring with ruthless yet festive efficiency. 362 more words

10 tips and tricks for a smooth start to university

The prospect of university is a daunting one, especially if you haven’t had siblings experience it before you. Although you might think you know everything after reading the university’s literature, there are some nuggets of advice that only students (who have found out the hard way) will be able to give you. 1,098 more words

Advice For Students

Turning 31 at university

I turned 31 last Sunday 27 November and so I thought this would be as good a time as ever to reflect properly on the issues around being older than you perhaps ought to be in uni. 550 more words

The 90's are back. How could we have let this happen?

I remember the 90’s. I appreciate that’s no claim to fame but I don’t meet many other people in student halls who do, and I feel that the current trend towards the fashion of that decade doesn’t scare these young-folk enough. 510 more words