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Wiggle like a jelly

In the manual that we found, there was a bear. A bear filled with the love of children.
Give me a reason why I shouldn’t do any of this. 500 more words

Deck the Halls:  Choosing a Theme

Do you ever wonder “What will my Christmas theme be this year?”.  I love the challenge of transforming my home into something new every year. 582 more words


Living in Halls

What’s it like living in halls during first year?

Having survived the first term, I have a pretty good feel for uni halls life now… 365 more words

Medical School

Blogmas Day 17 - A bit of flat drama.

I said I would write about the flat drama that went on towards the end of term, so here is that!

Basically, in terms of cleaning the flat, we have an expectation every Tuesday so every Monday night after lectures, the whole flat is meant to get together and clean everything. 371 more words

A Case For Perpetual Low-Level Adventuring

I’m a fan of the knife’s edge of low-level adventuring. I even dummied up an OSR system called HALLS (High Adventures for Low Levels System) based on the premise of a B/X-like system that caps out at level 4 but allows for a handful of XP sinks. 1,100 more words


How to cope with being a neat freak in student halls

Before I started living in uni halls, I did not realise how pedantic I was about cleanliness. Living in a place where my parents did most of the housework was something I seriously took for granted, and it was only when I was taken out of that environment that I noticed how much I liked order and general tidiness. 347 more words

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