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A year in uni halls

As the end draws near, I thought i’d blog about my experiences in University Accommodation.

I have been living in Lyme Regis House while studying at Bournemouth University and share a flat with 4 others. 457 more words


This House Inspires Me

This house inspires me
It wakes my soul
When I walk its halls,
I can feel Its memories
The smell of the hardwood floor,
The dust dancing in the light, 12 more words

Tired of the Library? Manchesters top Revision Spots

Yes, it’s that time again… It always seems to come round so quick! No not Christmas, But, the joyous occasion of exams and revision stresses. Hair may be pulled out, books thrown at the wall and copious amounts of Procrastination may possibly take place. 750 more words

Pitta pizza

We all love a Friday night group takeaway after a hectic week, but sometimes it is just too expensive when you’re tight on money. These pitta pizza’s will allow you to have your pizza night with a group of friends, which is easier on the pocket and also healthier (as healthy as a pizza can be anyways). 85 more words

Dean Hall's RocketWerkz launches Vive-exclusive Out of Ammo

I had no suggestion that Dean Hall’s RocketWerkz workshop was making a virtual fact game, which’s strange because I created a damn news write-up regarding it in 2014. 24 more words


Dear Kaayal -Lessons Learnt

Dear Kaayal,

Its been two months since I moved down here for university and I’ve been so busy with finding my way around uni and this city that I haven’t had time to post. 227 more words


Back in mine and Kieran’s old halls in our first year of uni we were about 4 floors up- my little terrier Panda very rarely meets anything smaller than him and when he does it’s a big deal.If anyone’s had/having a loooong Friday, here’s some pictures of him when he visited me and was thrilled at how high up he was: 12 more words