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Being Able To Conjure Up An Abstract Idea, Describe It To Others and Make It Real Is The Meta Human Skill of Success

Your ability to hallucinate well is perhaps the most essential secret to success you’ll ever learn. 17 more words

Her Carriage that's, Turned, into a Pumpkin...

Well, the magic had, worn off, at the last struck of midnight all right!

Her carriage that’s, turned into a pumpkin, leaving her, without one of her shoes (‘cuz she’d lost it as she was, runnin’ from the steps of the palace???), and in her torn up dress too, stranded, by the side of the roads, how’s she gonna get home, before her EVIL stepmother (why are stepmothers all evil anyway???) and her stepsisters arrive home. 211 more words


What About Mermaids?

So, the previous post was brief but I was merely sharing the things that go on in one’s mind around 4:00 a.m. after a hallucination involving multiple mermaids and shortly after, a dragon. 192 more words


I’ve been seeing things

following my traumas.

I see phantom brake lights after the wreck,

and blue lights after the ticket,

and raised fists after the argument. 55 more words

Memoir #2: Wake Up

I place a pillow to the left of me.  Then I place a pillow to the right of me.  My barrier is now in place. My cross lays under the pillow I rest my head on. 394 more words


Coming back at 2.45am

I haven’t slept yet tonight. It’s unusual for me as my medications usually knock me out soon after my night time dosage. That sleep is one of the much needed escapes I rely on. 246 more words