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Anonymous Confession #2: Lights, camera, action

Hello from your Lunatic Friend,

Part of my illness is that I, on occasion, hear voices and have visual hallucinations.  Sometimes, I see people who are not really there.   502 more words


The power of intense emotions and how my brain deals with that...

So I’ve said before that I tend to ‘check out’ which is never ideal, but it’s a fact of my life and you know, it could be worse, when there’s starving children in the world and terminal illness, in reality I’ve been handed a pretty minor situation to deal with. 779 more words


I have chosen you, not rejected you

Dear Child of God,

       I isolate you.  Make you feel ashamed.  You wake up to faces flying through the walls.   And spiders engulfing you. You are afraid to move.   263 more words


Being Awake, Being Asleep, and Other Things That Happen While I Sleep (Unedited)

I have sleep paralysis two times a week on average.

Sleep paralysis is a state of paralysis that occurs when you are waking up or falling asleep. 1,116 more words

By day he was by night.

Well, there isn’t as many problems left here among us all.

You should go to the toilet. Think about that.

Why does she do these sort of things to herself? 190 more words

Could Psychedelic Drugs help fight depression?

Psychedelic drugs have been used extensively by most human cultures.  Whether in social rituals,  contacting spirits and the gods or to just having a good time. 616 more words


जांभळाचे दिवस

ह्यावर्षी उन्हाळा जरा लवकरच सुरु झाला. मार्च महिन्यापासूनच धरती तापू लागली. उन्हाळा म्हणजे आंबे, फणस, तसेच रानातील करवंदे आणि जांभळे. त्यातच मी व्यंकटेश माडगुळकर यांचे  जांभळाचे दिवस पुस्तक वाचले.