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Hallways of Life Showing Life: A Cinquain

Out from the cold

Into the halls

Silent they are, laughter withhold

Just the same old, same old

But soon again they will be goofballs… 61 more words


Do You Whisper in the Hallway?

We went to Virginia Beach this past weekend to watch my niece get married. Mazel tov, Heather and Joey!!

We stayed at a nice resort hotel, with long hallways that were more like echo chambers, and everyone who passed by talked loudly, laughed loudly, let their kids scream and make noise, and always before 0700 and after 2100. 652 more words

A Drash To Start The Day

LGBT students react to Indiana religious freedom law


The feud between the LGBT community and the strict boundaries of religion has been akin to the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys, the Montagues and the Capulets, Apple and Microsoft. 618 more words


Poll: drug use by GHS students

The Journal is collecting information about drug use among Guilderland High School students for an article in our next issue. All responses are anonymous.

Take Our Poll… 9 more words


Thirty Seconds Ago... Speechless

I’m not even sure how to start this one…

I got up from my computer after about three hours of staring at the screen. Unsure of whether I’m tired from no recent chill time or just simply sleepy, I shook the feeling, pepped myself up and headed to go grab lunch. 446 more words

Perspective Park

Section II students invited to sit with Red Sea at sectional basketball final


Leaders of the Red Sea have invited students from all Section II schools to join them at the sectional basketball final tonight. Students from across the section are invited to sit with the Red Sea and cheer for the Guilderland Boys Basketball team as they take on Shenedehowa. 135 more words