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Stairway to Heaven x

The first stair carpet for the main stairs arrived yesterday..excitement! It’s an unusual combination of earthy colours with contrasts of pure neon…definitely a risk that’s paid off..can’t wait for the other one to arrive now..Will they work together? 189 more words


Making An Entrance - what's your style

Whether you’re loving grand gestures or simple elegance, you need to be creating an impact the moment your guests walk through that door. Your hallway is usually the first thing that people see when they enter your home. 235 more words

Home Decor


walking down
and around or through
glancing at doors
to the left
or to the right
every once in a while stopping
and seeing what lies on the other side… 39 more words


hallway timing

The hallways at work are breeding grounds for awkward exchanges. There’s this hallway timing… If you miss it, it’s just flat out uncomfortable. People asking how you are as they walk passed. 169 more words

Pet Peeves

We all have Pet Peeves, and for me, I have many. I have so many, that it would literally take more than a few lists to list then all and what about them annoys me. 307 more words


10 minutes in between

Between crowded hallways and ringing bells, I whisper your name
I try to catch you, try to call out
but my words carry a longing drowned in the chatter… 41 more words