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Note to world #3339

Almost every corridor at work was a giant circle looping back on itself eventually – and yet she managed to find the one hallway that was a dead end. 11 more words


Empty Hallways

I see you dancing in empty hallways. Your skin tattooed with lights and shadows of the waltzing of the sunshine and leaves through the window glass. 277 more words

Our old home life

“I was never before so eager to cling to every bit of our old home life and to see you…Come and see me, I am homesick…” 574 more words

Filling the Space

She felt empty

As though all corridors

Were empty hallways

He came in and walked through

And where she saw empty space

He saw museums… 8 more words



Note that this is an import from another, private, journal I used to maintain. Where I import, I will note the date before the body. 112 more words


Stairway to Heaven x

The first stair carpet for the main stairs arrived yesterday..excitement! It’s an unusual combination of earthy colours with contrasts of pure neon…definitely a risk that’s paid off..can’t wait for the other one to arrive now..Will they work together? 189 more words