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LOVE THIS… The Arty Coat Rack Solution

I hate coats hanging up in the hallway gathering dust, falling down and getting in the way. I was so pleased to find this stunning solution from one of my favourite brands, Ibride.

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Buses and Hallways (Strong Language)

A Letter to Buses and School Hallways:

Fuck you.

Let’s start with buses: you are an enclosed space with metal walls, windows that get stuck, people who complain about when you open windows; people, noises; “music” that people make, play, and sing; and a weird lack of seatbelts–yes, I  680 more words

Can't Get to What I'm looking for Dream - September 28, 2015

I remember these dreams in parts, and I don’t remember all of each part of the dreams from last night.

The first part of the dream I looked over and saw a planter that had a little tree in it. 538 more words


Sometimes I can almost taste a different life

Where foods that never touched

my tongue

are familiar

Where smells I can’t

remember are


remembered. 54 more words

Like Poetry

School Hallways- By Sarai

On the first day of school I was reminded of the horror of walking down the hallways trying to get to class. I go to a very large school that has over 1,000 students that attend, and although the school is so spread out, it cannot contain all the kids into 50 different hallways and stairs, so walking down the hallway is a total nightmare. 352 more words

A quick DIY decorating project. Well sort of.

One thing about DIY that I’ve discovered is it’s not as easy as it looks. Do you have the right tools? Do you have the right space? 131 more words


American Horror Story: Hotel Trailers

Oh, HELL yes!! Check-in Wednesday October 7th on FX……