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We live in hallways 

​The reality is we only have one life to live and no matter how permanent this moment in life feels it can all be taken away by simlpe mistakes and not just tragic, or natural causes. 153 more words


Now that I’m retired and no longer motoring around the hallowed halls of The Company, it isn’t the annoyance it once was, but this post has been sitting in my Drafts folder for well over three years. 758 more words


Doorways, Hallways, and Gateways

Pastor Charlotte Gambill at  Celebration Church  on 07/31/16.  This message is titled, “Road Trips.”  She talks discusses doorways,  hallways, and gateways.  This message is a powerful message you don’t want to miss.  #CelebrationRoadTrip


Random thoughts

As I walk down the hallway
I see your face smiling
Looked at me said hi
And my cheeks are blushing
Wanted to say hello… 69 more words

Note to world #3339

Almost every corridor at work was a giant circle looping back on itself eventually – and yet she managed to find the one hallway that was a dead end. 11 more words


Empty Hallways

I see you dancing in empty hallways. Your skin tattooed with lights and shadows of the waltzing of the sunshine and leaves through the window glass. 277 more words

Our old home life

“I was never before so eager to cling to every bit of our old home life and to see you…Come and see me, I am homesick…” 574 more words