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The Hallway

This was supposed to be a poem. Turns out I’m no poet but a rambler, a gambler hanging on to the hope that I can slap words together into a thought which may become an idea which might become a feeling which hopefully becomes a memory. 978 more words

Stairway to heaven

Here’s an introduction to my style of DIY. I call it the ‘how to glam things up’ approach rather than the meticulous sanding, re-sanding, waxing, painting and on it goes approach that my husband takes. 583 more words

Flea Market Finds

Hallway Traffic Lanes

What if…hallways had traffic lanes? Trying to navigate through a school hallway is a nightmare. There are people everywhere, and they’re all going in different directions, making it near impossible to get somewhere with ease. 170 more words

What If

Empty Hallways [Revision]

Darken old hallways are empty.
Erie and silent they lie.
No noises resounds the walls,
Where voices once were loud.
Halls were once bright and brimming, 17 more words

Current Poetry

Strange Hallways 2/2: The Second Half Is Just The Same Story Ending In A Different WayPlace


“You turn and walk quickly down the hall…

Your mind wanders as you walk down the hall, thinking… Having gotten lost in a daydream you are late for an appointment with the doctor. 151 more words


Strange Hallways 1/2

Empty hallways, are the most haunted places of all. The sense that one is not alone.

Hallways are outside the world, or between it, rarefied from it… As de-vaporating silky intelligence, quietly begging no… Before its final thoughts swirl away into fantastical universe grin, and reunion with everything you missed in a way you didn’t realize. 143 more words


Walk This Way


Hallway Etiquette: A Beginner’s Guide

By Maggie Kieser and Kara Conley, Current Staff

It is seventh hour on a Friday afternoon. It has been a long week and patience is non-existent.

723 more words
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