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Mad World: The Best Video Game Commercials in Recent Years

I had a pre-roll ad for the new Ultimate Edition of Gears of War before a Datto video pop up the other day, and it got me thinking a bit about gaming commercials. 811 more words

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The Broken Glasses BattleToads Cast - Dave Loses His Mind

Vetterly couldn’t be with us this week but he’s with us in spirit! On this week’s show Dave discusses his love/hate relationship with Battletoads and we get a brief glimpse into what happens to a man when his mind is slowly broken down and left to rot in the sun. 66 more words

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The Broken Glasses Podcast Ep 12 - "F*ck The News. Eat Arby's"

For today’s episode we decide to try something a little different and record in the same room. For the most part it was a success aside from a few annoying audio issues but it’s something we’ll be continuing to do and refine! 59 more words

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This post will contain spoilers.

For the past month, I have blown through one Halo game each weekend! I finished playing through Halo ODST this past Sunday. 470 more words


Why ODST is Better Than Reach

Okay, here it comes, ODST better than Reach!?! Are you MAD!? That’s what I hear every single time I claim that ODST is better. So with the recent remaster of it being released and given free to those who purchased The Master Chief Collection at release (including yours truly) I decided to try and set the record straight and show people that ODST is a better game. 836 more words

Halo ODST Is Here

Remember a while back when 343 had announced their gift to those of us who had Halo The Master Chief collection from the start and it didn’t work? 95 more words

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