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This post will contain spoilers.

For the past month, I have blown through one Halo game each weekend! I finished playing through Halo ODST this past Sunday. 470 more words


Why ODST is Better Than Reach

Okay, here it comes, ODST better than Reach!?! Are you MAD!? That’s what I hear every single time I claim that ODST is better. So with the recent remaster of it being released and given free to those who purchased The Master Chief Collection at release (including yours truly) I decided to try and set the record straight and show people that ODST is a better game. 836 more words

Halo ODST Is Here

Remember a while back when 343 had announced their gift to those of us who had Halo The Master Chief collection from the start and it didn’t work? 95 more words

Xbox One

May 18th, 2015

I got a text at 1 something last night, right as I was drifting off to sleep. I woke up slightly irritated, but refused to read it. 508 more words

One Year In Hawaii

May 16th, 2015

I woke up around 10 and made breakfast. Rebecca was physically exhausted after a long week so she wanted to stay in and relax. I played Halo and did some laundry. 321 more words

One Year In Hawaii

May 15th, 2015

I was awake around 10 and got ready for my shift at 12. I was working in the bar, but it was surprisingly slow for a Friday lunch shift. 187 more words

One Year In Hawaii

April 28th, 2015

I woke up and headed to work for my 11 o’clock shift. What started out as a painfully slow shift, stayed a painfully slow shift. The majority of my tables were from a far off land so communication consisted mainly of annoyed grunts and hand gestures. 76 more words

One Year In Hawaii