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The effect of Skins and Cosmetics in video games.

It goes without saying, but nowadays loot boxes and skins are in just about every popular multiplayer game. However, this post isn’t going to be about the “evils” of in-game purchases, but rather about the latent impact that they have on gameplay in many of these games. 630 more words


Halo Tactical Legendary Crate.

Hey folks, I received my second Halo Crate this week and it was awesome! Way better than my first one. You can find that earlier blog on the site if you wish. 255 more words

Halo 6 Reveal: What to Expect, When to Expect it, & Why

You ever just get that gut feeling that something big is coming? If you’ve worked in the gaming industry as long as I have, you tend to just randomly think, “yeah, that’s definitely happening soon.” The thought might come to you while browsing through your older games, when someone else mentions a big franchise, or when you’re scrub-a-dub-dubbing in the shower. 1,036 more words


PTSD and Gene Kelly’s Lost Wartime Star Turn

by Michael Sappol

Before there was PTSD there was shell shock and combat fatigue and Gene Kelly’s Combat Fatigue Irritability.

Combat Fatigue Irritability was made during World War II as a “naval training film” (although, unlike most military training films, there is very little training going on in this film). 1,148 more words


Antonella Barberini reblogged this on PTSD Beautiful Trauma and commented:

Since a young Italian girl, the impact of the aftermath of WWI and WWII, into music and cinema took my attention. It goes without saying, that also justifies why I am running this website in english, British and American cultures still have a huge influence on the Italian mood. Something that was so evident, for example, was the massive musicals after WWII. Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Fred Astaire were the leading Hollywood stars of a joyful, but yet moving and educational movie making. They were made to convey a message of hope and spirit up lifting after misery, loss and grief. Today wars are dispatched all over the world, and governements name them "Peace Missions to bring democracy". Words are important, they give a meaning to thoughts. Modern wars are lasting fifteen years? Ok, I will keep my thought silent for respect to deployed, right? But my reflection goes to music then. Which impact do these 'missions' have on our social and civil environement, today? None. Movies ...very good for action which guys are keen on, and then videogames. Outburst of violence which lead fragile minds to no sense. True story, I was driving through a Normandy highway, visiting Omaha, and Sainte-Mère-Eglise, when my ex boyfriend (for a reason) told me excited as a cow "Look at that, I have already been there!!!" "What you mean?" "Yes, I fell out an helicopter with my riflegun and shot all those fu*kers around on these plains." He was serious, and seriously damaged on his cells brain. This is it. Parisian region, and especially suburbs, are made of young vulnerable minds lost in a combat videogame. What's the purpose? None. Before there was PTSD there was shell shock and combat fatigue and Gene Kelly’s Combat Fatigue Irritability.

Drowning in the Deep End

The plot surges to a pivotal crescendo in the first act. Big things are happening and people are making decisions. But wait, there’s a big issue: the audience is drowning in the deep end of the pool. 759 more words


F1 2018 is go but what do you think of the #Halo?

OK so it’s there for safety not looks but it’s making it hard for both fans, drivers and I think sponsors!

For the fans


Download Product Key For Halo 2

PSA Halo 2 Vista product key for $1 from humble weekly bundle right now. Where can I download the actual game files for halo 2 vista. 420 more words