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Does anyone ever wonder about how life is supposed to go? In an ideal world, everyone would have two parents (genders non-disclosed) or maybe more that love them very much. 416 more words


My wife Michele is 8 and a half months pregnant with our first child. Last month we were down in the Palm Springs area for the Indian Wells tennis tournament and we took an afternoon to go see the Anza Borrego super bloom and take some portraits. 43 more words


I Just Can't Even (Finish A Post Right Now) 

So I’m going to write a short one and just get it doon.

After last week, during which I lacked A) higher cognitive (and any executive) functions and B) the ability to actually execute a decent pirouette, I appear to be regaining my faculties. 360 more words



When I get well (hopefully in less than a month) I’ll have to really get working on building my life. Wasted enough time.

Getting a job…but it will have to be a job (a PAID job) where I don’t have to go to a job interview. 284 more words

Attempts At Getting A Life

Boy, Bye.

Ahh, to be female.

Plenty of weird shit happens simply because we walk around wearing boobs and possessing a vagina. Comes with the territory.

Don’t get me wrong: Plenty of fellow vagina-carriers deal with far more than I will ever likely experience in my privileged life, and yes, I used that wince-inducing word. 1,568 more words

Bossey Boots

The Myconet, Part 39

I’d been concerned, not only about when I had travelled to precisely, but how exactly I was going to get back to anywhere useful. Aside from the trapdoor out in the sands that I was unlikely to be allowed near again, I knew of precisely one other cellar entrance – the one into which I had pursued Rose earlier on, and wound up in swampocalyptic Christmas. 298 more words

Kussa Mun Hopoti?

It's Not Just About Conversation Starters 

In real life, among strangers, I am shy in a way that’s remarkably specific and to a degree that can fairly be described as crippling. 705 more words