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Finding Friends in the Outer Blogosphere

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Just to continue my procrastination trend, I went out searching for Fozzel & Bean, an awesome blog by my incredible* friend Zoe May. 549 more words

Bone & Lace


This is not a drill. I REPEAT! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

*photo from GoodSmile Company*

How to Talk to Your Crush

(DISCLAIMER: I have no actual experience with this, but the below is my actual thought process when it happens)

In the past I’ve had many crushes and sometimes at the same time. 200 more words


The first post: is this blog a refuge in audacity, or is it a refuge...in the opposite of audacity? huh?

Well, I think that it is clear to everyone that I have absolutely ZERO idea what audacity means. Moving on…

Hi there!

My name is Chris, or ‘Cwiss’ if you prefer. 138 more words

Updates on Me.

This is going to be a bit vain, but I mean, I am writing a blog that has no general purpose other than to talk about my life. 345 more words


Sobek devotional outline - now taking requests!

Hello! So I have been working on a possible sketchy draft outline for what I might include in this Sobek devotional. I want it to be more than just a collection of prayers and rituals. 686 more words

"W-wait, what?" she stammers.

Short backgrounder: We were having dinner with our relatives and there was a point in their conversation where they were talking about how time flies so quickly. 394 more words