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"W-wait, what?" she stammers.

Short backgrounder: We were having dinner with our relatives and there was a point in their conversation where they were talking about how time flies so quickly. 394 more words


Dogs vs Cats // WordPress vs Tumblrs

Whenever someone asks Bloggers @ Mac which blogging platform they should go with, we generally point them in two directions: dogs or cats.

Dogs are an excellent way to broadcast your blog posts. 533 more words


Firrrrst post!

Three things to say.

1. This is my first attempt at a webcomic. (Or indeed at any formal publicized attempt at art.) I have SO MUCH TO LEARN and if you have any helpful tips (e.g. 184 more words



I’m having a third-life crisis. I don’t even know if that’s a thing, but I’m having it. I find myself getting weirder and weirder and my decision making getting more and more impulsive. 311 more words


Ekfvorjcmvkdj~ Halp?

Ya’ll might know by now that I’m a night owl to the Nth degree and ever since last Friday I just haven’t been wanting to go to bed. 217 more words


http://bit.ly/1EW8cJ4 - I'm her cheekbones

So you know how I said/implied that I would only post on Sundays from the comfort and familiarity of Emmerys and well-brewed coffee? I lied. It’s not Sunday, it’s actually Wednesday night, and I’m definitely not at Emmerys. 1,530 more words