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Cursed Heart, Mind of Madness

I keep hoping these words will bring you back to me. As if suddenly you will change your mind, and just as quickly all my problems will be solved. 253 more words


Comings and Goings

*Holy. Shit. There’s a bee in my room and it’s MASSIVE. SHIT, it’s hiding somewhere in the false ceiling Goddd someone help pleaseeeee.

Japan really dampened my mood. 705 more words


Impostor Syndrome: New Coders Edition

Impostor Syndrome is a real thing, even for those that we do not think would be susceptible. There are full-blown workshops, countless books, and many more resources that are being make all the time to alleviate it. 1,051 more words


Day 98

So last night, I wound up being called over to my uncle’s place to celebrate my cousin’s tenth birthday. I had a slice of vanilla/strawberry/chocolate ice cream cake. 233 more words


Finding Friends in the Outer Blogosphere

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Just to continue my procrastination trend, I went out searching for Fozzel & Bean, an awesome blog by my incredible* friend Zoe May. 549 more words



This is not a drill. I REPEAT! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

*photo from GoodSmile Company*

How to Talk to Your Crush

(DISCLAIMER: I have no actual experience with this, but the below is my actual thought process when it happens)

In the past I’ve had many crushes and sometimes at the same time. 200 more words

Hopeless Romantic