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Help Me Shave My Pu$$y

Hello, Internet :) Guess what I’m doing instead of the dishes? Read on:

Let me tell you about a particular orange tabby – my best dude, Miles (named after the jazz legend). 268 more words

Cat Lady

Merry Spring ~___~

It’s warm enough to walk outside without a huge coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::dances::

You know you’re getting old when everything you did when you were young sparkles in your mind’s eye and everything people are doing/wearing/listening to now, is shit. 308 more words



I haven’t even been on here since who knows when…..

but anywho, things have been going pretty swell for me as of late, but also, things have kind of taken a scary turn… 31 more words


Quandary + Help Wanted

First I want to thank every single one of you who have/has been reading the jumbled, snickery, riotous mess that I call TwiFuckery.  It thrills and delights me (and also makes me happy) that I have been able to bring any sort of humor, laughter, or snickerage into your day!  489 more words


Tamagotchis and Furbies!

Hey guys!

Today, I was just thinking about my childhood and remembered that for a few months, I had a Tamagotchi!

It was purple with orange buttons and patterns. 548 more words

Establishing My Blog and Meeting All of You!

Hello my friends!

I apologize for being away these past few days but my schedule suddenly got busy and left me no time to focus on my blog; however, I am back and hopefully I can settle into a routine for when I will post! 592 more words

New Blog