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Eats. Sweet Sunday

I was doing some chemistry in my kitchen earlier today and one outcome became these black currant cookies. I improvised as always an sometimes is becomes a success other times it becomes a failure. 57 more words


Eats. Smoothie

My smoothie addiction remains although it is not summer weather outside I am cooling down with a refreshing lunch smoothie. Today’s version is partially very local produced since it consist of berries from the garden. Yum!

/ Pernilla the smoothie lover


Eats. Green sallad

After my 24,5 km runningtour in the Alps I was more thirsty than hungry although I had almost not eaten anything since breakfast. I got a just in case sallad to bring with me on the train back to Zürich from Davos and it was the ultimate choice. 37 more words


Eats. Strawberryghurt

My breakfast was superyummi today. I had some strawberries that jumped out from my fridge and got heatened up in a pan. Then they jumped into my yoghurt and got some honey over them.It was a top yummi combo that I definitley will make tomorrow morning as well. 52 more words


Eats. Green stuff

The sallad lunch continues to occupy my lunchbox. First out this week was a cherry tomato, green pea, chicken and some green stuff, all together it became a lot of nice stuff. 54 more words


Eats. Training power

In my quick and easy cooking world dinners are always a second breakfast. I just took the last bite of my yoghurt and kesella mix that was topped with Spanish strawberries and nuts from Dubai. 62 more words


Eats. Eyecatching sallad


My lunch of the day consisted of sallad since I am in a sallad period. Inspired by Sparkibakens halloumi one I made one myself that was almost the same without dressing since I do not like olive oil. 31 more words