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The Moment..

My Friend,

The moment we begin to hate, we begin to halt.


day 35

Saturday night kind of melded into Sunday so I didn’t get much done except go to a family dinner and hang out with date #3. I feel like it’s gone past of the point of being able to call him date #3 and he should really have a name so let me think of something suitable. 111 more words


Gatekeepers and Prophets

When I was in my twenties, I was a steadfast contributor to H.A.L.T. (Help Abolish Legal Tyranny). The organizers recognized that the legal industry was positioning itself as a funnel through which all ethical questions had to be resolved, and that a predatory core was using client-attorney privilege to hide criminal activity taken on the behalf of their patrons. 386 more words


Episode 89 - The Final Episode

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Episode 89: The Final Episode

Unlike the episode I will keep this short. I would like to thank everyone for giving my show a listen, giving input, or throwing topics my way, but it is time to have things come to a halt because I would like to pursue a different podcast venture where I am not “The Angry Guy”. 48 more words

The Void Of Cacophony

Optional fields in a BRE Rule

We had a situation where there was a business rule ProcessSalesOrderShipped which among others checked a field BusinessEntityID to see whether a certain itinerary had to be performed. 286 more words


Judges decline to halt execution of sheriff's killer

ST. LOUIS (AP) _ The Missouri Supreme Court has refused to halt the execution of deputy sheriff’s killer over claims that he is mentally incompetent. 107 more words


Authorities In India Prevent Rape Documentary From Being Shown

Authorities in India stopped the domestic broadcast of a British documentary about the gang rape of a young woman in Delhii, according to The Guardian. 390 more words