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If you're hurting / Take care

I found a cool little post reaching out on Tumblr to anyone who may be struggling with a certain addiction. We all have our vices/pains no matter how severe, and upon further research, it turns out the tool offered, the “HALT” method is actually prevalent in reference to raising children. 861 more words

How Do?

Second Sunday After Trinity - Church Back Home - June 14, 2015

One experience many of us have in common is listening to lectures in school. And it was no secret that if the person teaching kept making the same point over and over again, including in different lectures, you’d probably see that point again in an exam and perhaps in real life. 78 more words

The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (149)

One raindrop-

To a flooded roadway, causing a complete traffic stop.



Waking Up

It’s been one hell of a week, both work wise and life in general wise. It’s been distracting enough that I actually forgot what Sober Day I was on. 456 more words

Self Reflection


Ja då sitter man på Ale djurklinik igen, dock inte med min egen för en gångs skull vilket känns väldigt skönt! Det är en av ridskolas ponnyer som är halt, så jag har åkt in med den. 114 more words


German doctors push to halt building of wind turbines

Graham Lloyd — The Australian — May 21, 2015

The “parliament” of Germany’s medical profession has called on its leaders to support a halt to further wind farm developments near housing until more research has been undertaken into the possible health impacts of low-frequency noise from wind turbines.

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Anagnorisis -- Ignorance To Knowledge