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US Congresswoman Asks For Halt On Military Aid To Israel


In a letter to the State Department officials last week, the Minnesota Representative said that the deaths of Nadim Nowarah and Mohamed Odeh, in May of 2014, demonstrated the “brutal system of occupation that devalues and dehumanises Palestinian children.” 254 more words

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Halted! Again?

When the vehicle of our life halts, most of us panic. Grey days are possible in everyone’s life. Days in which you have done your task yet waiting for others to respond or reply or work could be taxing. 49 more words


Industry Veteran Teaches The Foundations of HALT/HASS October 14th

Elite Expert, Harry Schwab, will share his knowledge with a small group of 16 professionals. Participants will walk away with a deep understanding of IEST’s popular Best Practice Document PR003.1… 191 more words

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Latest Halt Dog Repellent 15 oz

Chemical bird repellent devices include bird taste repellent as well as bird liquid as well as gel. Bird taste repellent includes bird proof repellent, bird proof liquid repellent as well as bird taste repellent. 306 more words

Easy HALT Dog Repellant Spray

Bears are most likely encountered when campers, hikers and fisherman head into the mountains or high country. Bears are very curious animals, but normally are not aggressive.Bears are a little more aggressive when they are hungry or they think their food source is being threatened. 280 more words