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Regeln für das Unmittelbare

Guten Mittag, ihr Haltlosen! Heute gebe ich euch drei Weisheiten mit auf den Weg, an die ich mich manchmal halte.

1) Wenn ich Brot sage, dann meine ich Brot. 49 more words


End of Day

The day slowly draws

To a halt

Ambiguous to say

The least

I could spend another hour

speculating as to what it


Gulls cry “freedom” 27 more words


@Oracle R12 EBS HTTP Server Error Child Could Not Open Sslmutex Lockfile

HTTP Server Error “Child Could Not Open Sslmutex Lockfile” (Doc ID 562624.1) addresses a non-critical, but annoying issue (because it tends to fill up the $INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.1.3/Apache directory with big error logs every day – every mouse click on a OA Framework page generates an error entry). 567 more words


Woollim Entertainment vs TASTY | Shots Fired... on Both Sides

The fight between TASTY and Woollim Entertainment is getting nastier each day. I thought this was something that would probably blow over after like a day or so but it’s not. 719 more words


Mental health service disgust

Recently I have been feeling down and have just been in a really bad place. So I decided to do the thing that we’re always told to do: get help. 452 more words

Life Interrupted

Nothing can bring everything to a halt like a fractured back. Several weeks ago, my mother fell and injured her back and groin. That’s why I didn’t post anything for the last 2 weeks. 106 more words

Dealing With Life

There are days I have no words.
Moments where my loud effervescent mind is still.
It runs into a wall of glue-
No thoughts or words. 37 more words