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hold me down

i gotta get out

i gotta get out

i gotta get out

of my head.

stop. these. thoughts.






Halt im Alter

Alt zu werden ist hart. Jung zu sterben, noch härter. Zu erleben, wie es ist, ein Junges zu verlieren, am härtesten.

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann… 6 more words

Aphorismen - Sententiae - Sprachspiel

A Chase!!

The sound of the moving train could not unnerve his thoughts.

The greenery, the beauty, the artistry and the lust for these could not be beheld in his heart. 69 more words


#WellnessUp - Introduction

When I first started blogging I joined some weigh-in Wednesday groups, and they were good. Helped me to focus and have a community to be accountable to. 867 more words


Meditation in Times of Irritability

I didn’t get enough sleep last night, which triggered an underlying irritability today, just below my surface. In the Program its often labeled being “restless, irritable, and discontent.” After a particularly annoying caller, I checked in with myself. 202 more words

Titanic - the end of an era

Titanic, min vackra springare har återigen fått ett återfall av hälta fram. Han är ju opererad i båda benen för korperaltunnel syndrom (läs mer här… 464 more words


Refreshing Optimism

I’ve typically viewed the world around me in a positive light, but lately I’m finding it difficult to be that person I’ve always been.

I suppose that could be a good thing.   1,292 more words

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