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It's just... a little thrush.

What’s the difference between a vagina and a toe?

About $17 apparently.

See, if you have a fungal infection between your toes you can go to the supermarket and get a tube of clotrimazole anti-fungal cream for about eight bucks. 525 more words

Danny Pintauro Takes One Look at Your Kitchen...

…and says Know Who The Fucking Boss is, Bitch?  It’s Tupperware motherfucker, that’s fucking who!  You can’t think of anything more awesome than Danny Pintauro, parties and cheap plastic kitchenware, other than Danny Pintauro, parties and cheap plastic kitchenware… 55 more words

Random Crap

Okay, which one of you morons was this?

Guys, you’ve gotta learn to restrain yourselves, I know you love liberty…but dayum.

Wonder if he’s related to,

Skip to 4 minutes for relevant bit.

Random Crap

NZ festival vendor to serve up shots of Horsey Sauce

The Wildfoods festival in New Zealand is basically an event where people cook up and consume unusual dishes, things with insects, wild game, assorted offal, some things traditional, some not…and this year, … 59 more words

Ewww - Taste This!

Holy shit

This made me friggin’ LOL,

I’ll admit, one of the things I miss most about TV is watching corrupt megachurch dirtbags like this guy, they make for endless entertainment.

Teh Funneh

Retail Christmas season up from last year?

That’s what they’re saying, I’m inclined to think there’s been a modest increase, based on my current enslavement stint in retail hell, the top line is positive certainly, but the retailers top line has pretty limited meaning, bottom line is what counts, but I do think you’ll see a modest increase in the bottom line.  440 more words

Fucking Markets