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Tuttpütt hämaras

Kuna oli juba suhteliselt hämar, hakkasid linnud aina lähemale tulema, kuna ka nende silm ei seletanud enam nii hästi. Küll käis üks, siis jälle teine lähemalt vaatamas. 34 more words


Divining intestines, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

When you are traveling among peoples whose appearance, traditions and way of life is so foreign to your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of cultural stimuli that you encounter. 793 more words

Omo Valley adventures continue

Those of us born in the Western world won, what we call, the birth lottery.  It is by sheer circumstance that we were born into a home where water comes out of a faucet, food can be purchased in the store, we can heat or cool our homes if the weather is uncomfortable, we have a room dedicated for sleeping and a bed, and transportation to take us to wherever we want to go. 595 more words

More adventures in the Omo River Valley of Ethiopia

Mornings in camp soon became routine. Wash as best as possible with the two cups of water in a bowl allocated to each person, pack up the tent and pad and put into a heap to be loaded onto the two jeeps. 649 more words

Day 8: Natural World & Leading Lines

Out for another walk, spring is coming … water is finding it´s way.

Meanwhile high in the trees …

I think it is beautiful …  20 more words


In Search of nomadic tribes of the Omo River Valley, Ethiopia

My personal collection of National Geographic magazines dates back to 1951. The world was a very different place back in those days, and if you don’t believe me, open those black and white pages and see a world that had yet to see a hand held calculator, a phone without a cord, a color copy machine and of course, instant and constant internet communication with one another. 1,062 more words