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Egypt's "War on Terror" or Sisi's Paranoia? How Cutting Ties with Hamas Could Limit Egyptian Influence

Since the former Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi was overthrown in July 2013, Egyptian politics under President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s military government can be characterized by paranoia, censorship and the promotion of particular narratives to secure the regime’s power in a country conversant in de-stabilizing revolutions. 755 more words

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I read Bibi Netanyahu,  the Prime Minister of Israel,  should offer a counter plan for negotiating with Iran. Since I’m not privy to the negotiations, I can only state some known facts about Iran and their military aspirations and my personal concerns! 686 more words


Venahafoch Hu - Turnabout is fair play (In the spirit of Purim)

One of the central themes of the upcoming Purim festival is “venahafoch hu”, lit: And it was turned about. The wicked Haman plotted to kill all the Jews, and his evil plans were turned on their head, whereby the Jews were saved and Haman and his sons were killed. 793 more words


Egypt officially declared that Hamas is terrorist organization

Trupowe.com – Egyptian court decided Hamas as a terrorist organization. A month ago, this court has also stated the military wing of Hamas, al-Qassam brigades, declared a terrorist organization. 246 more words


Australian Senator threatened with beheading unless she helps to introduce Sharia law

Let’s stop continuing this sharade. Let’s stop pretending we have the bottomless funding, resources, knowledge or even energy and interest to be absorbed in this Muslim sewage and savagery. 833 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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