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Trump's Deal of the Century: Resurrecting the PLO Is Palestine's best response


Palestinian groups, Fatah, Hamas and others should not confine themselves to merely rejecting the Trump Administration’s so-called ‘Deal of the Century.’ Instead, they should use their resistance to the new American-Israeli plot as an opportunity to unify their ranks. 1,104 more words


Gaza youths appeal directly to Canadians: "Please help us- We are Not Just Numbers - we are people!!!"

Young men and women in an English literature class in one of Gaza’s 6 universities.  Well educated, but no jobs and no future. Want to leave Gaza? 747 more words


The Palestinian Peace and Leadership Dilemma

There is a simple reason behind all the reasons and all the difficulties and all the problems concerning the Palestinian Arabs and their respective societies. The first problem which strikes one is it is a matter of the leadership. 2,702 more words


Lebanon Rejects US-Led Summit in Bahrain, Backs Palestinian Boycott

By Staff, Agencies

Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil says his country is boycotting the forthcoming US-led conference in Bahrain in support of President Donald Trump’s controversial proposal for “peace” between the “Israeli” regime and Palestinians, dubbed the “Deal of the Century,” because Palestinians are not taking part in the event. 381 more words


¿Todo Niño tiene Derecho a Retornar a Casa Después de la Escuela?

Hace 5 años, el 12 de Junio del 2014, tres jóvenes israelíes que estaban camino a su casa fueron secuestrados y asesinados por terroristas del…

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India & Israel Are Officially Diplomatic Allies At The UN

By Andrew Korybko | EurasiaFuture | 2019-06-12

India just made history at the UN earlier this week, but in what’s sure to be interpreted as an ignoble way by the supporters of the…

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Another Gaza maritime smuggling story ignored by the BBC

While the BBC has been telling its audiences for years that “Israel says” that the counter-terrorism measures imposed on the Gaza Strip are for security reasons, it usually… 229 more words