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Arab-Israeli man accused of plotting attack on Israeli hotel for Hamas, reports say

Israel’s internal security service said Sunday it had foiled a plan to carry out a terror attack at a hotel in Israel, according to reports. Adel Abu Hadayeb, an Arab-Israeli man accused of supporting the militant group Hamas, was caught trying to carry out the attack at the Leonardo Hotel in Ashdod, which is about […]


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1) At Mosaic magazine Professor Eugene Kontorovich explains “The Many Incoherences and Hypocrisies of International Law on Jerusalem”.

“Under the uti possidetis principle, then, Israel’s borders at the moment of independence are quite clear: the borders of Mandatory Palestine. 741 more words


Now We Know (Our Tax Dollars At Work), ICE Raid Targets, And A Possibility? *Open Thread*

On Tuesday, I wrote about the attack on, and protest of ICE facilities. over te planned ICE raids of illegal aliens. I wondered just who it was behind the… 1,228 more words

Träume sterben nicht hinter dem Zaun

Von allen Seiten Gewalt, Propaganda und Hass: Im Gazastreifen sind junge Menschen von vielen Chancen abgeschnitten. Doch sie finden Wege, die Grenzen zu überwinden. Meine Reportage aus dem Gazastreifen ist… 51 more words


Are Iranian Threats for Real?

If the Iranian threats are real, then what should or even can the rest of the world do to prepare? Iran regularly threatens Israel both from Tehran and out of Lebanon using Hezballah and Islamic Jihad and Hamas out of Gaza. 1,529 more words