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Hamas Charter, Articles 34 and 35

Articles 34 and 35 of the Hamas Charter further the notion that the land of Israel is inherently Muslim land which has been targeted for expansion throughout history by Christians, Tartars and most recently, Jews. 789 more words


Remembering Israel’s botched attempt to assassinate Khaled Meshaal

MEMO | September 25, 2020

What: On 25 September, 1997, Israelis from the Mossad spy agency attempted to assassinate Palestinian political leader Khaled Meshaal in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

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Oppressors Of The Palestinian Arabs

A Dry Bones Cartoon ~

The PLO and Hamas refuse to hold elections or to allow Palestinian Arabs under their control to emigrate.

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لماذا يستهدف الأميركيّون الرئيس بري؟

د. وفيق إبراهيم

العقوبات الأميركية على الوزيرين السابقين علي حسن خليل ويوسف فنيانوس بذرائع لا يقبضها أحدٌ تكشف ان هناك استهدافاً مركزاً يصوّب باتجاه رئيس المجلس النيابي نبيه بري لأسباب وطنية متفرقة، مغطياً هذا الرشق «الأولي» بإصابة تيار آل فرنجية المعروف بتحالفه مع سورية وحزب الله. 646 more words


After peace deals, Gazans fire 13 rocket salvo at Israel; IDF hits Hamas targets

Iron Dome intercepts 8 missiles in pre-dawn assault; military responds with 2 waves of airstrikes; in earlier attack, 2 hurt from rocket fire as Israel signs historic accords in DC… 1,053 more words


Some are for Peace, Some are for War

Today marked a very significant moment in Mid East history. For the very first time, Israel signed peace agreements with Arab nations without having to give up a single inch of land! 339 more words

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Hamas recycles shells from British ships sunk off Gaza during WWI

MEMO | September 15, 2020

The military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement has apparently recycled shells found on the wrecks of British warships which were sunk off the coast of Gaza during World War One.

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