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Bowen, Hamid to share what it will take to rebuild a corrupt Iraq

Decimating a country via a bottomless arsenal of elite military technology is easy. Rebuilding a country after the storm amid political inefficacy, raging insurgency and ongoing warfare is the tricky part. 502 more words


Do'a yang sama di Zaman yang Berbeda

“Doakan aku, menikah dengan orang yang aku cintai dan mencintai aku”

Mahligai indah pernikahan, siapa yang tak menginginkannya. Terlebih menikah dengan orang yang aku cintai dan mencintai aku,seperti keinginan Zainab dalam novel sastra Dibawah Lindungan Ka’bah, karya Buya Hamka.

921 more words

Ten of the Many Books Students Might Want to Read Before College

I find it hard sometimes to limit myself when asked to write a list of the best of something.  I struggled but did finally pin down… 62 more words

The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

Written from the point of view of a young Pakistani named Changez, the story uses the technique of a frame story. It is set in a Lahore cafe over the course of one day, where Changez tells a nervous American man about his life in the States: graduating from Princeton, becoming an analyst at Underwood Samson, falling in love with an American woman named Erica, and after the 911 attack, leaving all of it behind to move back to Lahore, Pakistan. 348 more words


Concrète invites MINIBAR : Rhadoo, Cabanne, David Gluck, Hamid (30/01/15)

J’ai été mauvaise langue hier soir. J’ai été mauvaise langue, parce que mes amis voulaient aller à La Concrète, et moi non, arguant que le son ne me plairait pas. 469 more words

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