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What a piece of work

A bonkers premise, perhaps, but McEwan really pulls off this tale of an unborn foetus witnessing a murder. 


Ian McEwan
Jonathan Cape
RRP: €19.99… 936 more words

Hilary A White

Nutshell by Ian McEwan - book review

“But here’s life’s most limiting truth – it’s always now, always here, never then and there.”

“So here I am, upside down in a woman,” is the opening line that kicks off Ian McEwan’s new novel, and the story that follows proves to be just as suprising.

460 more words

Act 2, Scene 37 - "Everyone is rebelling."

Notes on Jaques De Boys

Or “What I did on my summer holidays by Horatio, aged too young to have lived through the unspeakable levels of carnage I have witnessed.” 274 more words

agenda Mon/Tue 26/7 Sep: be sure to bring HAMLET book

learning goal: what basic decisions will do most to stage the opening 80 lines of Hamlet meaningfully?

enact/direct opening Hamlet scene, for which we began preparing in the previous class: together or in competing troupes


Critical Thinking.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt said those words decades ago in the face of the great criticism faced by any First Lady. 695 more words

Principles Of Success

Why Every Hamlet Wants to Play the Clown (& Why I Do What I Do)

Perhaps the reason every Hamlet wants to be a clown is that he knows it is closer to the truth of the human experience. What is art but evidence of human folly at its finest? 2,432 more words

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