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College... So Far

Around this time last year, I had just finished my college auditions and was anxiously waiting for results. I remember, the nerve-wracking anticipation. Would I be accepted? 682 more words


No, by the Rood, not so!

Ah. I think I’ve got it. I was struggling to understand why Hamlet suddenly starts swearing by the Rood here when he was not sworn by this particular thing before. 53 more words


Hamlet | Almeida Theatre

Hamlet, as a play, brings to the surface a myriad of unavowed and repressed afflictions that have been inherent in the human psyche since the dawn of our first humble beginnings in the soil. 800 more words

From Star Wars to Shakespeare

Oscar Isaac, Star Wars’ ace-pilot Poe Dameron, is to play Hamlet on stage. 132 more words


Tragedy of Ophelia


A document in madness,—
thoughts and remembrance fitted.


There’s fennel for you, and columbines:—
there’s rue for you; and here’s some for me:— 289 more words