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What is Love?

The general definition of love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person; a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection (thank you dictionary.com). 210 more words


Unmanageability - a guide for advanced practitioners, taken from Shakespeare

Dear reader: If you don’t know by now that next April marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, well – you actually do!

It will be a wonderful occasion – after all those years, and the countless words spilt on innumerable pages, real and surreal, he remains the greatest writer ever, and that is saying a lot. 1,429 more words

Video: "Why Hamlet?"

The story of Hamlet is about the indecisive nature of a young man when presented with various facts about the death of his father. It is a story always told in the rigid nature of the stage, played out by a specific type of actor that typically tend to fit the part of a Danish nobleman in his early-30’s. 440 more words

Film Production

If his occulted guilt Do not itself unkennel in one speech, It is a damnéd ghost that we have seen, And my imaginations are as foul As Vulcan’s stithy?

Stithy? Is this like a smithy? It almost feels like a printing error. But of course, glossaries reveal that a stithy is an archaic form of smithy. 162 more words


Howard Caygill: ‘Laertes’ Revolt and the Limits of Popular Sovereignty’, Dec 3

We are pleased to have Howard Caygill speaking at the KiSS Shakespeare and Sovereignty series with a talk entitled ‘Laertes’ Revolt and the Limits of Popular Sovereignty’. 75 more words


Confused and Future Lunatic

A letter to the Editor,

My name is Hamlet. I am a price, a son, and a friend; but mostly I am confused. My dad recently passed away and I feel alone in my grieving. 233 more words


Lyndsey Turner’s Hamlet

The extensive warnings not to take photographs and to switch off phones before entering the theatre were followed up once inside, not only by hand-held signs brandished by the ushers and a similar sign actually projected onto the safety curtain, but also by a pre-show announcement repeating these instructions. 19,297 more words