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From the Province of the Cat #37 - Dead Moments Of Edited History

by George Gunn

Perhaps it’s a too little known fact that Ed Miliband’s mother survived the Holocaust and that he went to a comprehensive school? Oxford and the London School of economics came later. 1,578 more words


day twenty three: the seagull

Author: Anton Chekhov

Published: 1896

Translator: Elisaveta Fen

Synopsis: Kostia and his sweetheart Nina put on a show for the local families by the lake at his Uncle Sorin’s estate. 234 more words


agenda Tues Mar 31: Hamlet and Gertrude

learning goal: Is Hamlet “passion’s slave”?  How do you know?

In Act 3 Scene 4, Hamlet confronts his mother.

With a partner, or on your own, read this whole scene.   174 more words


The Hamlet Symphony -

I try to use my blog as a creative outlet, not as a promotion tool.  That being said, it’s been quite a while since I brought up The Hamlet Symphony.  583 more words



“You think this is game, Jack?” I’m looking forward to Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, but not because of Chris Pine and Keira Knightley. I’m looking forward to it because Kenneth Branagh is playing Victor Cherevin, a dastardly oligarch with a foreign accent and (as per that opening quote) the occasional dropped article. 2,963 more words


O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!

My friend Christopher organized something he called the Hamlet Rave. It was more party than performance but the entire play was read or performed from beginning to end in the midst of music, twitter updates, video and commentary. 272 more words