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due Thu Jan 25: Hamlet's "friends" and Plonius's theory

By Thursday’s class, read 2.2.1-157.  I recommend doing so with Shakespeare in Bits.

These lines show Claudius using Hamlet’s “friends” to find out what Hamlet is up to. 21 more words


agenda Tue Jan 23: lying and spying in/on Hamlet

learning goal: when is it OK to lie or give a false impression?  what does “OK” mean?

remaining seems-madam presentations

(Horatio exercise follow-up)

Here  is a list of suggested topics for your upcoming blog posts–one per month, starting with January :  34 more words


Garrick's Acting As Seen in His Own Time

Source: Extracts from Walter Herries Pollock, ‘Garrick’s Acting As Seen in His Own Time’, Longman’s Magazine (August 1885), pp. 371-375, translated from two letters by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, originally published in German in the periodical… 1,279 more words

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Quote of the Week: 22 January 2018

JD BernalThe World, The Flesh and the Devil: An Enquiry into the Future of the Three Enemies of the Rational Soul (Verso:  London, 2017) 632 more words

William Shakespeare

due Tue Jan 23: Hamlet's closest friend, Horatio

HomeWork due by start of class Tuesday: In our Hamlet text–p.56 exercise #4a.  Write the quotations (with line numbers) in your “Hamlet Journal”, briefly explaining what qualities each passage reveals about Horatio. 42 more words


What's in a name, Google?

I live alone, and lead quite a solitary existence, truth be told.

But, and I suspect it’s a sign of madness, like JF Sebastian in… 702 more words

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