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Act 2, Scene 41 - "Back into the vengeance business."

Notes on The Phantom Menace

Hamlet returns this week for a little father-son bonding with his dear old, dead old dad. The Prince of Denmark has been notable with his abscence for much of this year, having been the most significant of Shakespeare’s creations in act one, so I thought it was high time he got back into the vengeance business. 78 more words

Frailty, thy Name is Human

Of course, most of Shakespeare’s most famous plays revolve around the lives of men. History, tragedy, and comedy alike, the heroes of most Shakespearian dramas are of the male gender. 1,251 more words


[Era por abajo] Shakespeare y Manga

Versión Palacio: Una versión Manga de Hamlet para papás culposos que siguen pegados a la vieja batalla de la alta cultura vs baja cultura. Hay mil Mangas en donde se reproduce el drama de Hamlet bajo nuevas formas, pero bueno, imposible mover la costra de tantos años de suplementos culturales y mesas redondas. 15 more words


agenda: Thu/Fri Oct 20/1: two Hamlet interpretations on film

learning goal: what aspect(s) of Hamlet’s character does each of these interpretations emphasize?  how?

two interpretations–thru end of “this too too solid flesh” soliloquy… 15 more words


A Soliloquy

“To shave, or not to shave, that is the question: Whether ’tis Nobler to have a busy beard, Or perhaps just a moustache”

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Wired - Up Wednesday: Hamlet And Red Dead Redemption 2

My English class went to see Geoff O’ Keefe’s rendition of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in the Mill Theatre, Dundrum. It was a fantastic play, coming from a lover of Hamlet and Shakespeare, with Shane O’ Regan performing outstandingly as a realistic, Irish take on Hamlet. 205 more words