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Next Month

Today was moving day for Effie so she didn’t write a letter. Harry devoted a good portion of his to his joy in organ music. 103 more words

Hamline University

Such A Nice Girl

Effie told Harry about the final preparations for the move, while he answered her recent letters and made one request of her.

“We are going to have an early breakfast, and the men are to be here at seven o’clock.” … 104 more words

Hamline University

Haunting the Campus 2016

Yesterday morning at 8am students in our Pilgrims, Travelers and Tourists class spread out across campus, took empty spaces and narrated them into existence—haunting the campus with the likes of pirates, magical ravers, Paul Bunyan and revelations of improbable things just below the surface. 740 more words


A Pair Of Lovers

Harry wrote a love letter today.

Effie’s first letter covered her search for fabric for Harry’s wedding suit and his sisters’ (Sue and Carrie) trip to the City. 170 more words

Hamline University

A Blot Upon The Perfectness Of Our Love

Effie was even more busy with preparation for moving. She had more hope that the process would go smoothly because the attitude of the current tenant had changed. 198 more words

Hamline University

The Place You Like

Harry rued sending the letter that had stirred Effie up. In his second letter, he let her know Bermuda was out for their honeymoon and he told her a story about locking himself out of his room. 252 more words

Hamline University

Sweet and Lovely

Effie wrote more about choosing the fabric for Harry’s wedding suit and told him about a gift and an invitation.

“Oh by the way[,] I have rec’d a wedding present, and must tell you about it.”  87 more words

Hamline University