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"Mamma Knows All"

Harry divulged his worry about Effie’s lack of opportunity for intellectual growth and he admitted that he thought keeping her mother ignorant of their plans was the best path. 180 more words

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The Albany Project

Harry asked Effie to find a number of schedules so that they could plan their meeting to the minute.

“I fear I shall eat you up on the spot but I will try & be decent if there are many people around.”  88 more words

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Heart Sick and Heart Hungry

Effie wrote a “scrap” today, which let Harry know about the latest letter from Cousin Gus and the decamping of two of the boarding house residents. 157 more words

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"You Were Displeased"

Having written and torn up a letter before starting this one, Harry felt that he no longer wrote well. That is apparent in this letter, where at times he was a bit incoherent. 162 more words

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Pink Eye

Harry wrote a rather crabby letter to Effie after finishing one to her mother. Effie, on the other hand, was happy thinking about how supportive Harry’s family seemed now and about good news regarding her mother’s claim against Cousin Gus. 181 more words

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Midway Conversations 2015: Neighborhood Documentary Projects Premiere

 “We aren’t training to be filmmakers, but use our cameras to learn.
Our neighbors have taught us so much.”

This past Sunday afternoon our Visual Anthropology class hosted its fourth annual public screening and “thank you” party for our neighborhood—The Hamline Midway.

371 more words

One Day Less

Effie looked forward to Harry’s arrival in three weeks and made plans to meet him at Albany.

“There is going to be a great change and I guess they’ll find that I haven’t spent as much time writing as they supposed I did.”  88 more words

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