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Pure Cussedness

Effie’s letter was brief because she was having trouble finding a peaceful place to write.

Effie’s absence made Harry dissatisfied with his “cozy nest.” Other thorns in his side were Remson Schenck and his own sisters. 115 more words

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More Poison

Today, Harry talked about the trouble he was having with his piano practice. He also wrote of playing Scat with Misses Weed and Elder, his continuing trouble with poison ivy and his busy day. 163 more words

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Harry was feeling bluer than he had since returning to Purdue. He confessed to worrying about the scale of their wedding.

Nearly all of Effie’s letter was about getting another ticket for the Oratorio Society and the opera glasses that Harry had given her. 140 more words

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Hurt Many Times

In a chatty letter, Harry talked about his work, a visit with Professor Barnes’ wife and his piano-playing habits.

In her first letter, Effie was still interested in concerts. 197 more words

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Swann or Goose

Harry wrote about the difficulty of getting his mail, prospects for the future and a trip to bookstore.

“I shall be strongly tempted to study medicine if this thing plays out & nothing turns up.”  89 more words

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A Ghost of a Chance

Effie wrote two letters today because she was interrupted by visiting family (probably cousins Will and Harriet Van Sant). Effie talked of family history, her inability to describe things, babysitting Ten Eyck, buying tickets for the Metropolitan Opera and Harry’s desire to have Fritz at Purdue. 145 more words

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We Couldn't Have Grieved

After many months, Effie wrote of Remsen Schenck and his family again. She also told Harry of a visit from his mother.

Harry had returned to the site where he had come in contact with poison ivy, which he was now treated homeopathically. 224 more words

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