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A Stunner

Harry wrote in reaction to Carrie’s engagement, while Effie thought ahead to all that needed to be done for their wedding.

“I had given up all hopes of that match.”  101 more words

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Effie was incensed about the teasing in Harry’s letter of May 26.

“I think you were in a bad mood when you wrote it.” Osborn, Effie 1886-5-30… 83 more words

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Alexander On The Watch

Harry assured Effie that he would leave as soon as he could. He also recounted the activities of the day, which included a row on the canal with Professor Huston. 110 more words

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A Great Quandry

Effie continued to be preoccupied with Carrie’s engagement.

Harry had decided to pack all his things, in case he didn’t return. The Sapolio he mentioned was a soap that Effie would have used to clean any silver they received as wedding presents. 143 more words

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A Startling Piece Of News

Effie presented a strong case in her first letter for Harry leaving as soon as possible after classes ended. Her second was filled with Carrie’s unexpected engagement. 202 more words

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A Bird In Damp Weather

Although Harry began his first letter by claiming to be much happier after receiving a letter from Effie, the letter was still tinted blue. Their wedding was the subject of the second and he claimed not to understand the “rumpus” about it and all the preparations. 126 more words

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A Very Elegant Wedding Present

Effie had survived today’s company and took the few moments she had to herself to write.

“I want you to stick to Purdue unless some thing better offers.”  86 more words

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