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Living in a refugee camp can be quite fun in its own way. My brother and I always tried to make the most out of our situation. 152 more words

The Wedding Day and Beyond

So far, we haven’t come across documentation of Harry and Effie’s wedding and honeymoon but we may still find it in the Henry L. Osborn Family Papers, as there are many letters that have yet to be transcribed. 318 more words

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Many Happy Returns

Harry and Effie’s engagement correspondence ended on Harry’s 29th birthday; two days later they were wed. From his letter, it appears that they had settled on Block Island, Rhode Island, as their honeymoon destination. 141 more words

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The Hotel Business

Effie and Harry were both suffering from the heat and from their current separation. The harmony at the Osborns’ was already wearing thin.

“I guess when you asked me to write so that you would have a letter on Tuesday you forgot about your birthday.”  117 more words

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Hamline Young Writers Workshop

The Red Shoes

As I sat in my room watching the heavy snow fall I thought about the shoes. The red shoes that were sitting on the top shelf at the shop down the street just waiting for me, waiting to be worn. 493 more words

ASD Summer Institute Day 2: Dunn Buron

I decided to participate in the ASD Summer Institute this year even though I am no longer working with students with autism because the topic of the conference sounded like it would still be very applicable to my work with EBD students and overall the information proved to be very relevant to my work. 1,185 more words

ASD Summer Institute- Day 1: Kari Dunn Buron

Looking around the room at all of the attendants at the ASD Summer Institute I see mostly women. Mostly white women. In Minneapolis we teach mostly children of color and mostly boys in the autism programs and for that matter in my own program for students with EBD. 905 more words