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A Calamity

Harry wrote that classes had been cancelled because of the the funeral of Vice President Hendricks and that he intended to go to it. Mrs. Talbott was probably Lida Hood Talbott, who appears to have been a comedic performer. 205 more words

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Bunged Up

Effie wasn’t feeling well but she was able to describe the latest opera she had been to and to let Harry know that she might be able to invite his sisters to visit in the near future. 111 more words

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Finical Ways

Effie dwelled on her teetotalling attitude but also wrote about her visit with Harry’s family, her feelings about his Aunt Mag, and the “taking” of her smallpox vaccination. 149 more words

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A Great Goose

Harry was feeling less blue so he was able to write about what had been going on. He updated Effie on Miss Weed’s eyesight, his latest purchase (see above), and his hope for time off because of Vice President Thomas Andrews Hendricks’ funeral ( 152 more words

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Bad Boy

Harry wrote of his concern over Effie’s health and told a story on himself.

Effie filled Harry in on her visit with his family, including a brief conversation with his father, but her main concern was the dearth of letters from him. 118 more words

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Such a Vim

Effie had received an enthusiastic welcome by Harry’s family at Thanksgiving. She wrote, as well, about two concerns: Harry’s trip home at Christmas and the $150 that he owed her. 156 more words

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Another Thanksgiving Apart

Harry’s Thanksgiving letter was brief and focused on his blessings.

“I have so much to be thankful for that I have no right to forget it in the misery of the one want.”  88 more words

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