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In her first letter today, Effie wrote a detailed account of her lastest practice (which she always spelled with an “s”) session with Bessie Stoddart. In both letters, she expressed her disdain for Mrs. 157 more words

Hamline University

A Whole Heart Afire

Although mainly a love letter, Harry found time to give an account of the Mendelssohn Quintette Club concert and to lament Miss Elder’s departure that day. 107 more words

Hamline University

17 Weeks Out Of 94

In her first letter, Effie reported on the servant situation, her visit with Harry’s sister Sue, and his sister Carrie’s ideas about love. She also lamented over the small amount of time they had been together since they became engaged. 216 more words

Hamline University

In Spite Of My Philosophy

Most of Harry’s first letter was about the inadequacy of letters. In the second, he wrote about the exposure of Mrs. Stockton’s fare to Dr. Smart and his work on a new herbarium. 189 more words

Hamline University

Poor Things

Effie showed rare sympathy for the working class in her first letter. By the time she wrote her second letter of the day, she may have had less sympathy, as she suffered the effects of walking home. 266 more words

Hamline University

Stoical and Philosophical

Harry went over the benefits and drawbacks to living at the dorm the following year. He also noted more illness on campus.

Effie wrote just a note, mainly to let Harry know that she was in good health. 143 more words

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An Old Fraud, A Cheat And A Wicked Thing, A Regular Old Sharper

Although she wrote mostly about mail collection, Effie found time to tell Harry that his family felt bad about his board.

Harry was fighting off the blues again. 167 more words

Hamline University