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A Poor Comforter

Harry’s first letter was another of his blue ones. The second responded to Effie’s idea about heaven.

“I am trying hard to keep straight all the time now but now & then I get a view of the dark side of the cloud & it makes me so blue.”  106 more words

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You Will Be The Financier

With the current financial catastrophe foremost in mind, Harry and Effie both wrote of money matters. Effie also let Harry know that she would reserve the summer for him and that his father had come to call. 127 more words

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Take Fresh Courage

In both of his letters, Harry commiserated with Effie over the financial calamity and assured her that her mother would always have a place with them. 203 more words

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Miss Elder

Miss Elder, President Smart’s secretary, had returned improved by a visit with family in Indianapolis.

“She is a plucky little woman & while one hates to see women fighting their own way it is a great help by way of example to see such cases….”  88 more words

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Our Latest Misfortune

Effie had learned that morning that her mother’s investments, which were in the hands of her cousin Watson Augustus “Gus” Bray, were probably lost. More can be learned about the insolvency of Bray’s company and the culprit, Enos Taylor, by searching the the California Digital Newspaper Collection  196 more words

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Although the theme of Harry’s letter was that he and Effie were both alone, it was not a complaining letter at all.

“Now when it came to the test I did not fear it in the least & felt that if necessary I could take your word & go without another sign into the heart of Africa & never hear one word from you & come home to find my Effie still the same faithful loving girl I left her.”  88 more words

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Opera News

Effie wrote more about the death of Leopold Damrosch and let Harry know that the opera company was still planning on performing in Chicago. She had gone to “Die Walküre” but hadn’t been able to fully enjoy it. 188 more words

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