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The entire Sefer Bereishit is full of stories regarding our Patriarchs and Matriarchs; the impact they had on the people around them and the Kiddush Hashem they achieved during the course of their productive and challenging lives. 733 more words

Hammer Time

The Highland Games Through the Eyes of Flying Frames: Part 2

In August, the Michigan Highlanders and the rest of the athletes at the Sparta Celtic Fest were lucky enough to have the amazing photography skills of Todd Nagel of  144 more words

Michigan Highlanders

Walk with God...

To my dear son and daughter

“Lech Lecha – Go for yourself” is recorded as one of the first commands which Hashem gave to Avram to test his loyalty. 279 more words

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It all begins with our fellow man...

To my dear son and daughter,

Hashem destroyed the world by means of the mabul; but why did He decide to do so? The Torah provides us with one reason, 250 more words

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Russian Convert and the High Holidays: To Begin Again...

What are the Yomim Noraim/High Holidays and what should they mean to us? Pose that question to an observant Israeli Jew and I imagine they will sum it all up with one word, “Teshuva – Repentance”; but pose the same question to a secular Israeli and you are bound to hear something different such as festival, or apple and honey, or perhaps a new beginning. 946 more words

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"...and He will Gather you in from all the peoples..."

To my dear son
Nitzavim is a script regarding the need for the Jewish people to remain committed and loyal to our covenant with Hashem to ensure a bright future. 303 more words

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The Reactions make it all worthwhile

Makom Meshutaf limud tonight in kibbutz Revivim down south. Following the session on Rosh Hashana, a lady came over to me and said,

“I love when u come to teach Torah, it brings me back to my father’s traditional home” ; 55 more words

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