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Hammered Copper Bath Sink

Hammered copper bath sinks are made in oval, round and custom shapes. Most of the sink on the North American market come from small town in central Mexico called Santa Clara del Cobre. 28 more words

Hammered Copper

Mixed Metal Range Hood

As a manufacturer of metal range hoods we are constantly looking for new designs. Our latest idea for a new style was mixing different metals to build a single range hood. 52 more words

Hammered Copper

Copper Dining Table

Most copper dining table suppliers offer their furniture in all standard sizes. However, if you have encountered difficulties in finding the right size you may consider ordering custom made. 128 more words

Copper For Kitchen

Hammered Copper, how it is made?

Production of hammered copper range hoods, sinks tables and tubs is not easy when made by hand. It involves special skills needed for good looking hammering, creating patina finish and especially shaping metal into the products. 81 more words

Hammered Copper

Oxidized Copper Home Decor and Appliances?

A short while ago we gave a try to turning a copper mirror frame green. What I was planning to do next was having a hammered copper range hood finished green. 45 more words

Hammered Copper

Yes, hammered copper can be polished

Indeed, hammered copper range hoods, tabletops and bathtubs as well as sinks can be hand polished. Since copper they are made of is fired it will show some color variations even after polishing it. 71 more words

Hammered Copper

Copper Kitchen Sink Discount

It can happen and does happen occasionally that our manufacturing plant produces a copper kitchen sink with wrong dimensions. Those sinks are offer for sale at the discount prices. 66 more words