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Another Ocearch shark illegally caught

Ocearch has reported that they believe hammerhead shark, Einstein, tagged June 2nd 2015 in Port Aransas, Texas has been caught by an illegal Mexican fleet targeting sharks in US waters. 269 more words


Texas Man Catches A 1,000 Pound Hammerhead Shark

A lot of KLUV listeners love to fish, but chances are that few of us have ever hauled in anything like this.

It’s a hammerhead shark weighing in at more than 1,000 pounds, and a new state record. 52 more words


Emily Sprowls: Whirlwind Return to Shore, April 11, 2017

NOAA Teacher at Sea

Emily Sprowls

Aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II

March 20 – April 3, 2017

Mission: Experimental Longline Survey

Geographic Area of Cruise: 1,138 more words

NOAA Teacher At Sea

The Hammerhead with a different purpose

The electro receptacle

We can’t talk about the Hammerhead shark without first addressing the purpose of its namesake. The answer to this strange, hammer shaped head, is that it makes the hammerhead more sensitive to electrical signals given off by their favourite prey; sting rays. 325 more words

Mencari Hiu Martil di Banda Neira

Sempat malas untuk lead dive trip ke Banda Neira. Soalnya capek di jalan. Terbang tengah malam ke Ambon dengan lama perjalanan 3,5 jam. Sampai di Ambon lanjut naik mobil 45 menit ke pelabuhan. 465 more words


Barney Peterson: What Are We Catching? August 28, 2016

NOAA Teacher at Sea

Barney Peterson

Aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II

August 13 – 28, 2016

Mission: Long Line Survey

Geographic Area: Gulf of Mexico… 1,176 more words

NOAA Teacher At Sea