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Ep. 78 - The Arkquarium

Dave and Trevor are having the same dreams… again. This time they believe it to be a message from the almighty himself. They attempt to find two of every animal and figure out how to put them on a boat. 51 more words


Lounging Sharks Cloth Diapers

This diaper has funny sharks lounging in tubes drinking a summer drink and wearing sunglasses. Kams correspond with the colors ! I HAD to make a one for Lil Bean! 71 more words

Lil Bean Diapers

Fun With Sketchup - Eusphyra Class Cruiser

Struck by random inspiration, I decided to take a few hours and model a spaceship based on (and named after) the Hammerhead Shark. Since it’s all symmetrical, I probably could have saved a significant amount of time by using mirrored groups, but… oh well. 517 more words

Science Fiction

Sharks Protest Human Stereotypes

Our correspondent, Maurice Mako, is off the coast of Australia attending the annual Sharkmania Festival. The festival is a celebration of all things shark. All types of sharks are welcome. 502 more words


Shark of the week: Carolina hammerhead shark

In 2013, after genetic analysis on 54 young sharks found off South Carolina (in the U. S.), a new species of hammerhead sharks has been established: the Carolina hammerhead shark ( 110 more words


Shark of the week: Winghead shark

Did you know that hammerhead sharks did not gradually develop such a large hammer, as it had been believed for decades? Genetic tests showed the opposite. 261 more words


Shark of the week: Scalloped hammerhead

Sharks do have special healing abilities. They often get wounds (due to mating rituals, combat, collisions with reef substrate or fishing gear) which, however, heal remarkably quickly. 224 more words