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None Dare Call it Squid Brains

This is a repeat. I think. I write these things so far ahead of time that I forget. Of course, if I’d written yesterday I’d forget it anyway. 41 more words

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Thinking is Overrated

Deus Ex Michael. When you’re backed in a corner just rewrite the character description. Easy peasy. Lemon cheesy.

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Style Points

Tsunamis of Excess are the worst.

Seriously, the worst.

Except for peanut butter. You can’t have enough peanut butter.

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Sweeper Surfing

Apparently, nature doesn’t really abhor a vacuum.

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AKA Siri

We achieved maximum silliness. You may unbuckle your seat belt and roam about the cabin.

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EVERYONE Gets a Credit Card!

I can testify that getting credit is very easy. And getting into debt is very easy. And getting out of debt is very hard. And getting back into debt is surprisingly easy. 36 more words

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