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Star Catcher

I believe this may be the first instance of using a star (actually two stars) to roast marshmallows.

You’re welcome.

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Where'd Hammy Go?

Nice bunny slippers and Spiderman bedding touches by T.

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Ch ch ch changes ...and other rambles.

So before anyone thinks that I have wandered off and deliberately neglected my Blog or you my readers and friends…. I haven’t, I’ve been helping my friend who owns the bar here in the village deal with some pretty significant stuff, long story , but I’ll give you the gist. 451 more words


The Engorger's Diet

We’ve done later-Elvis RJ many times. Yet somehow he miraculously snaps back to normal size.


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Run Hammy, Run!

Guess what? We actually have more than eleven readers. In fact, we have at least thirty-two readers according to the comments over at gocomics.com/overthehedge. Thirty-two is more than eleven. 11 more words

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One Over Qualified Squirrel

Could Hammy do any worse than the yahoos there now?  The answer is no, he could not do worse.

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