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Cold Toes, Warm Hearts

I think Hammy alone could hug/heat the world.

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The Good, the Bad and the Verne

I think this one cartoon sums up the entire strip. Verne’s optimism and earnestness is belittled. RJ’s pessimism and cynicism is rewarded. And Hammy is the sweet glue that holds it all together.

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Today is a Better Day

My Emotions are like a raging winters storm, often blinding me from life, clouding my judgement, making me too cold to feel the warm embrace of my son, I try not to break down or cry in front of him, I try to be strong for him, He needs to lean on me, to be able to count on me to comfort him when he breaks down, we have been there for each other, he hugs me while I break down and tells me that it is okay, Momma is still here with us in our Hearts. 646 more words


Shreeek Out Your Dead

Not all goats scream like humans. But those that do enjoy a great deal of celebrity on YouTube:

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A little Hammy I sketched :)

A little Hammy I sketched :)

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Introducing Doris the Screaming Goat

Because I can’t resist capitalizing on an internet meme/super bowl commercial we bring you Doris, the Screaming Goat. ┬áBe patient. I don’t expect this to last more than a week. 16 more words

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