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Smile Power

See? I can write sweet, inoffensive, and heart-warming comics as well as the next person.

Just don’t get used to it.

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Drinking Buddies

I think Fred probably already drank his fill.


No, you’re gross.

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Furry Elvis

That’s not a bad look for Verne.

Just stay away from the prescription pain killers and the peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

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Hammy Space

Excellent use of PPP (penultimate pause panel).

Over the Hedge: Keeping you up to speed on cartoon jargon since 1995.

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Way Too Personal Space

Hammy’s farts smell like sunshine.

Or not.

Just a guess.

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Space Cadets

Verne’s shell, like the Tardis, is bigger on the inside.

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A Fridge Too Far

Time for RJ to cut his fur and get a real job.

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