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Seriously, Do Not Enter Our Labyrinth

After a little research (gasp!) I realized why no schools have a minotaur as a mascot.

The Gods Must Be Crazy.

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There Really Is Life on Uranus

The 5th grader in me really likes this cartoon. Which is pretty much ALL of me.

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You know, this would have been funnier if whoever colors this (not us) actually had NO snow in the first panel.

Well, not that much funnier.

But a little.

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Ice, Ice, Hammy

Forgive me if I’ve used this title before. I think we’re working on about cartoon 8,217. Details get sketch after awhile.

Stay warm!

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Winter is Pointy

Six more weeks of winter when Hammy sees his mortality.

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We’re all made of star stuff.

Therefore we’re all made of star shake.

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A Hulking Dream

I really don’t know how I come up with this stuff. And if I find out, I’m not going to let you know.

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