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Nut Jobs

Nice one today. Great job by T. Can’t tell if he painted it or they’re digitized photos. Doesn’t matter. Looks great.

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Fireworks or Seaweed Wrap?

The fireworks idea is a solid one. Someone do that and send me a video.

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Don't Let the Turtle Drive the Bus

Verne can bust a move. Initially in opposition and eventually in submission to gravity. Gravity always wins.

Damn gravity.

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He Said, "Butts"

The word butt is funny. Not as funny as spleen. But pretty, pretty close.


See? I know stuff.

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Bouncy House RIP

In the immutable, never changing world of Over the Hedge it’s ALWAYS Verne’s fault. Like Job, Verne is being tested. It’s to his credit that he keeps soldiering on. 20 more words

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The One With Cute Animals In It

This whole week has been an example of what happens when you do benign, non-controversial, cute cartoons.

No one cares.

There is not one comment over at gocomics.com.   76 more words