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Clown of the People

I did not watch the inauguration today. Not out of spite. But out of self-preservation. The peaceful transition of power is certainly something to celebrate.  But difficult to do under the influence of Antivan while barricaded in a pillow fort. 56 more words

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The Sleeping Dead

Really nice zombie art by T. You’ve got to have your feet firmly planted in some drug-addled alternate reality to draw really good zombies.

Excedrin Extra Strength: When you really need to draw some bad-ass zombies.

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You Snooze You Lose

Not sure what’s happening with the color in the second panel. We don’t color the cartoons. Clearly, whoever does is into really rapid climate change. 19 more words

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Tick Check

I like all this off screen action. We get you to use your imagination while we (T) take a break from drawing crowd scenes and complicated machinery.   26 more words

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Let Sleeping Squirrels Lie

That’s assorted punctuation, not swearing. Unless you want it to be swearing. In which case, you pick you’re own swear word.

Over the Hedge: Quality interactive profanity since 1995

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Yeah. Thanks, George. Maybe a little less time in the tanning bed and a little more time appreciating our ongoing subtle, classic tutorial in sequential art. 8 more words

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Are We There Yet?

That isn’t a log, that’s a 1968 Vista Cruiser station wagon (with “stimulated” wood paneling) with two adults and four children (one an infant) . 10 more words

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