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RJ's Roots

I’m tempted to do a DNA ancestry, but I’d risk finding out Trump and I are related.

That would really suck.

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Taste Buds

Cartoon characters have really HUGE tongues.

Just saying.

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The Three Body Problem

The Three Body Problem is also an excellent sci-fi book by Cixin Liu.  I’m now reading the second book in the series, The Dark Forest. Very cool speculation on what would really happen if we made first contact with an advanced alien civilization. 20 more words

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The Secret Life of Bag Pipes

The more you know, the more you don’t want to know.

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Go Iceland!

Verne’s on quite a roll lately. All self-actualized and everything!

Can it last?

Oh, can it last?

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RJ Plays Penance

The pressure is building. Something’s got to give. Something brown and furry and sugar-sweetened.

Go, Verne, go!

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