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Folsom Turtle Blues

This is one of the few songs I can play on the guitar. Three simple chords. E, A, B.  B is a tricky barre chord.  I only know two verses.   64 more words

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Can Squid Drown?

A lot of folks over at gocomics.com/overthehedge want to see the self-portrait.  No you don’t. It’s much funnier (and impressive) in your imagination. I promise. Trust me.

No, trust you!

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Are Batgirl Toenail Paintings art?

I would say Batgirl toenail paintings are certainly art. Art is any representation or interpretation of reality that provides value the viewer/consumer.

And yes, Verne is a GREAT artist. 8 more words

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Same As It Ever Was

Would that it were true. That a hug would have the power to transform an idiot into a self aware idiot.

Watching the days go by… Water flowing underground…. 56 more words

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Tickle Monster

I don’t think either Hilary or Trump could withstand a tickle attack from Hammy.

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Week 2

We had a blast last week, and we hope you enjoyed watching all of our adventures. In case you missed it, Stevie Wonder Boy and his cousin, Cam, reviewed some awesome Imaginext Batman toys. 88 more words