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The One With a Restraining Order from Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is hot. And spleen is a funny word. We find these truths to be self-evident.

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Top Five (2014)

You have to marvel at Top Five, the third and best feature directed by Chris Rock, because it occupies what good ol’ Dave Matthews might call The Space Between (right now you’re saying… 808 more words


Duct Tape Will Fix Anything

Actually, Hammy’s head is a child protective screw top. Hammy, of course, being the child in question.

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The Dan in the Moon

The man in the moon should have a name, right?

Let’s call it Dan.

Dan’s a nice name.

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Hammy Vision

His paws are in the air like he just does not care.

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RJ is Not a Morning Person

THIS is how you weasel around the comic police. Nice strategically placed daises by T.  Good job all around.

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