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Snood is a Funny Word

Sometimes we have a well constructed gag.

And sometimes we just use the word snood.

Whatever works.

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Occam's Nose Trimmer

Top Five Occam’s grooming impliments:

5. Occam’s Nose Trimmer
4. Occam’s Q-tip
3. Occam’s floss
2. Occam’s hair gel (spiky)
1. Occam’s razor (Shave of the Month Club)

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Turkey Tail

There’s actually no shortage of turkeys this year. I made that up. Because, you know, the cartoon doesn’t work without a shortage.

I call it incorporating an alternative reality to facilitate an acceptable work effort to avoid significant fines should we miss deadline. 7 more words

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Casualties of War

I like RJ’s image with his arm’s crossed. Cool beans.

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The One Where We Slur Pelicans

I have no idea what pelicans taste like. Chicken? Probably not. Soggy chicken? Soggy fishy chicken? I’m going to assume since no one has roast pelican on Thanksgiving, that it’s probably not palatable. 6 more words

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Winter is Coming

We’re slipping. We forgot the black bar over Verne’s butt crack. That, or our editor has given up trying to make us family friendly.

What’s that? 7 more words

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We should probably redraw that kicker panel on top. That’s from the first year of the strip. Verne looks a bit insect-like. His nose has grown over the years. 17 more words

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