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The One With Ko-Ko-Roids

Ko-Ko-Roids are an important part of an unbalanced, totally nutrition free, yet might tasty breakfast.


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Time To Update Your Soul

Yeah, Carrot Top is a dated reference. I’m old. So sue me. The rest is relatable. It’s as if each OS update slows your phone down just a little until you have to get a new phone. 12 more words

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Stand Very, Very Still

Still waiting for the monarchs around here. Should be through any day. I’ll post a photo when they arrive.

If they arrive. Fingers crossed.


Let's Snot

This cartoon was inspired by Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh caught on camera picking his nose on the sidelines and eating the results.

I know. Just gross.

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Gum Drops Happen

Saturday got away from me what with the Longhorns disaster and the big win from my Giants (BeliEVEN!). Apologies for the late post of Hammy pooping rainbows.

You’re welcome.

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Don't BLINK!

For the non-whovians out there, the weeping angels are the single scariest predators on Dr. Who. They’re quantum-locked (whatever that means) and can only move when they aren’t being observed. 25 more words

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Birth of a Snack Cake

I hard to imagine something like the Twinkie being invented. It seems to have always just been. Ever. And Always.



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