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Grandma's Gold plates and other ramblings from the Prairies

Well I was asked to take a picture of the dish set that I inherited , they were my Grandmother’s on my Dad’s side , they were given to her in 1913 as a wedding gift , I don’t know who gave them to her , I am guessing most likely her Mother , so if you have ever wondered what a gold plate looks like, I took a picture of one of the saucers to show you , I didn’t want to dig through the box and newspapers they are wrapped in too much as I have no safe place to put them yet, I will have to build a china cabinet over the winter just for them. 600 more words


Flooring and more Flooring , some random rambles and a couple photos

So I finally figured out how to upload photos from my non windows phone ( I use an ancient LG Neon slider) to Windows 10 , it is actually fairly simple , but the icon/button is not labelled , and my phone registers as removable drive G and F when I plug it into the computer, I have to use the computer to go into the phone and retrieve the pictures I want to upload ….. 1,327 more words


Zit Attack

It was a BB gun. RJ is fine. All is well. Our long national nightmare is over.

Carry on.

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Who Shot RJ (Again)?

 It’s always the spleen. Never the elbow or the little toe. Always the spleen.

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A bit stressed but it's going to work out

So this morning I get a phone call from the government, there was an error on my pension so I will be losing roughly 500 bucks, didn’t need to hear that right now, it just made life a bit more stressful….. 751 more words


The Girl With the Squirrel Earring

That doc is called “Tim’s Vermeer.” It’s excellent. A fascinating look at how Vermeer used clever archaiac technology to create his light lush paintings.

No butterflies were harmed in the making of this masterpiece.

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Live Nude Critters

 That’s not a band-aid, it’s a tattoo of a Twinkie. Probably should have indicated with an arrow.

Hammy should probably get Sir Itch-a-Lot checked out.

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