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Mean Boys

Over the Hedge: No weak moment going unpunished since 1995.

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Season's Warnings

The mole people take advent very seriously.

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Best iPhone App Today: Eggs N Hammy

#iOS #iPhone #Apps Eggs N Hammy Eggs and Hammy loved their sweet life on the farm until they were put on the menu. Help Eggs and Hammy fly the farm before they buy the farm! 36 more words

Mayonaise Malaise

Just to be clear,¬†despite its name, the Little Boy’s Bush is gender neutral and trans-friendly.

We’re an equal opportunity comic with equal elimination facilities. 8 more words

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The One With a Wood Tick Playing Bongos

Yes, that’s a frozen pond despite the surrounding greenery. ¬†We don’t color the comics. Clearly, someone with seasonal affective disorder colors it.


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Some Post Election Whoopsy

With Hammy around it’ll always get better.

Hang in there.

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Time Waits For One Squirrel

Bet you didn’t know that Vop, Zoom, Zig Zog Zig Zog and Swit were the go to sound effects for faster than light travel.

Now you know.

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