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Collateral Damage Deposit

Super battles in Antarctica or the Sahara or even WallMart parking lots aren’t quite as interesting as a big city with squishy humans and fragile buildings, roads and bridges.

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In a World...

Not sure what I was thinking with this one. Perhaps I wasn’t thinking. Which is okay. Since this turned out pretty cool.

I pledge to NOT think more often!

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Stud Scone

I’ll get right on those t-shirts. Soon. Some day. Eventually.

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A Panda Ate My Baby

“The more things change, the more they remain insane.”

Yup. We said that. Look it up.

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Kung Fu RJ

The whole franchise jumped the shark after Kung Fu Panda 9: You Say You Want a Cultural Revolution.

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The One With a ?@#$!! Trash Panda

Apparently pandas and raccoons are related. Sort of like humans and the Khardashians are related.

Which is to say, not very.

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Verne Should Not Play Tag

I’m beginning to think I can vamp on anything. A week on tag. A week on Trump. A week on fluid dynamics. A week on automotive repair. 17 more words

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