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A Furry Bedside Table

Not sure what RJ needs keys for?

Oh. Wait.

The Strategic Twinkie Reserve.

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Hug Fu

The irresistable Hammy meets the immovable jerk.

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Hammy to the Rescue!

I have no idea what happens tomorrow. I wrote this a couple weeks ago and have completely forgotten.

Is that weird?

Don’t answer that.

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Who Needs a Hug?

I like this ferret dude. Maybe he’ll stick around.


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Doug's a Star

I’m going to look into that star registry thing and register Doug on behalf of Hammy. I’ll get back to you.

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Essential Woodland Survival Gear

Yup. This is the kind of survivalist gear I need. I ain’t going through no apocalypse without margaritas.

Rocks. Of course, with salt.

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Pocket Monsters

I like anvils. But maybe Hammy needs to keep something equally weird in his pockets. Like a Large Hadron Collider.

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