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10 Facts About Shakespeare That May Surprise You

1. Though Shakespeare often wrote about far-flung places in his plays, he never ventured out of England. 262 more words


A Shakespeare True/False Quiz

Bet you didn’t know that Shakespeare was really the Duke of York, did you? (He wasn’t). But here are ten statements about Shakespeare for you to judge as “true” or “false.” The answers will follow after the break. 320 more words


Dead Centre's Hamnet at the Peacock

“The time is out of joint.”

I always thought of time as akin to a train chugging along on a railway line. The train only went in one direction, never stopping, never looking back, as it puffed along around the circumference of the earth. 1,129 more words


Review: Hamnet at the Peacock/Abbey - Dublin Theatre Festival

Hamnet, as the play’s programme informs us, is just one letter away from greatness. It’s a predicament that haunts the play’s central character, Hamnet Shakespeare, who is based on the real-life son of William Shakespeare. 783 more words

Theatre: Hamnet, Abbey Theatre


An Abbey Theatre and Dead Centre Co-production

From the Abbey website:

Grief fills the room up of my absent child
King John, Act III scene IV… 191 more words