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5. Changing Moods of Hippie Island

At Hampi, I am fascinated by the changing moods throughout the day as much as I am fascinated by the lack of change with each day. 360 more words


3. Enroute to Hippie Island

After a Beautiful Sunrise and a hearty breakfast, my tummy and I were all set for our long bus journey to Irapapur Gadde a.k.a Hippie Island. 362 more words


2. Good Morning Hampi!

The beautifull Sunrise at Hampi was all that I needed to feel rejuvenated. I was looking forward to the days ahead at this mystical place, and all that it had in store for me. 346 more words


1. Sunrise at Hampi

The locals say that the name Hampi also means “champion”, which it probably was back in its days of glory. Now in its ruins, with a strange juxtapose of broken structures and a city in the making, it is a visual cacophony. 649 more words


"How I Fell In Love With Hampi..."

Hi, folks,

If you love history, go to Hampi;
If you love photography, go to Hampi;
If you love nature, go to Hampi;
In short, backpack to Hampi…

475 more words
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Vijayanagara Empire stood as a bulwark for 310 years (between 1336 CE and 1646 CE) against the Islamic invasion of South India. 927 more words