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When things do not go as planned

I had such high hopes for this weekend. So many things to get done, projects to finish and organising to be done. New Beginnings is just 7 days away and the mountain to climb before then is not just big but HUGE. 455 more words

Is the London Pass worth buying? Generally no, but just barely for us.

We landed in London in the middle of October.  And then we did nothing.  For weeks we just hung out in our little neighborhood of East Finchley, taking a break from being tourists or adventurers.   1,925 more words

Travel Tips

Na výlet von z Londýna

Toto je nepriame pokračovanie londýnskeho tripu, ktorým vás vytiahnem preč od nezastaviteľného zhonu a nedýchateľného vzduchu hlavného mesta Spojeného kráľovstva. Ak by sa vám zdalo, že vrstva sivého nánosu prachu na vašej tvári dosiahla maximum a o slovo sa začala hlásiť astma, sadajte na vlak, bus alebo auto a “ozlomkrky“ mašírujte von z mesta. 1,426 more words


Hampton Court

Home of Henry VIII and some of his unfortunate wives, Hampton Court is spectacular. And it’s still in London, even though it doesn’t look like it should be.

VIDEO: Tina Thorburn's Surrey roadworks update

Tina Thorburn, from the county council’s highways team, gives the latest update on work taking place on Surrey’s roads.

It includes details of a resurfacing scheme due to start next week in Leatherhead and a drainage project in Chipstead to reduce the chances of flooding.

Surrey County Council