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What is the Kabbalah All About?

Yesterday was the Jewish holiday, Lag BaOmer. This holiday commemorates the death of the sage and mystic, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, who who lived in the second century of the common era, and was the first to publicly teach the mystical dimension of the Torah known as the “Kabbalah.” He is the author of the basic work of Kabbalah, the Zohar. 773 more words


The 'Evil Eye'

You may have heard this term at one point or another, perhaps even received it, most likely from a parent, teacher or other authority figure when doing something outside the accepted norm. 350 more words

Spirituality And Metaphysics

Girly Weekend

I helgen som var hadde jeg jentekveld sammen med mine nærmeste venninner mens samboeren besøkte foreldrene sine i Risør. 346 more words

Everyday Life

Hamsa Hand and Judaism

In Judaism it is  called the Hand of Miriam, and is now and again connected with the five books of Moses (the Torah). Some even claim that it has no connection with Judaism, however that rather is a part of entirely Arab society. 432 more words

Hamsa Bracelet