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Hand of  Hamsa earrings – click here to go through to my shop.

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. 59 more words

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Your Tattoo is So Cool and Ethnic, but What Does it Mean? The Origin of the "Hamsa Hand"

The “Hamsa hand”, a Romanised version of the word ‘Khamsa’ meaning five in Arabic, is a widely used and misunderstood motif that stems from the Middle East. 603 more words

Middle East

Hamsa Hand Pendant or Charm from Israel

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?

Autumn/Winter Lookbook

Hello m’lovelies,

I am so excited for Christmas already, it’s only 23 days away. Although I’m not loving this weather, it is rather chilly outside now. 634 more words


ETSY INSPIRATION: Christmas Gift Ideas for Traveling Ladies

The Christmas holidays are approaching and you are wondering what gifts to buy for your traveling friends? Or maybe you don’t know what you would wish to have as a gift this year? 288 more words


Looking a lil moody

Hello m’lovelies,

My room is currently being re-decorated so all fashion posts will have to wait until then so I have somewhere pretty to take my photos, ((I will also do a post on my room)). 482 more words


Diseños poderosos sobre esperanza y protección, la Hansa

Soy de la creencia que es importante conocer el significado de las cosas para poder entenderlas  y hasta valorarlas más. En el caso de los símbolos es aún más importante pues conocer sus orígenes y los significados que estos cargan parece pertinente  aun cuando no pertenezcamos a la cultura de la cual provienen  ya que si entendemos su proveniencia podemos cargar con respeto,  conocimiento y tolerancia aquel objeto que tanto nos gustó y porque no darle una carga extra de energía positiva, todo es acerca  de encontrar un balance. 531 more words