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The Hand of Fathima

A symbol widely used in the middle east and North African countries to ward off the evil eye, there are numerous articles on the net on this subject. 251 more words

Living In Singapore

Rose Quartz Hamsa


Rose Quartz Hamsa 💟 Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Helps attract love, as well as calm and heal the heart.


A Bird That Inspires

A bird that has pride of place in Indian art and thought is the hamsa. It is an aquatic bird related to the goose and swan. 408 more words


My Refrigerator Holds Memories in its Magnets

My refrigerator drives my husband crazy. Not the appliance itself, but rather the hundreds of magnets that have been placed on it over the years. Many of my friends have switched to stainless steel refrigerators, but I cannot do that . 527 more words


"Hamsa Shirt Design"

Note: This design was first posted on my original portfolio on Weebly on February 23, 2015

The Hamsa is an Middle Eastern symbol for peace. I used this opportunity not only to show a wide array of peace symbols, but also to put as much cool stuff as I could on a hand with an eyeball!

Adobe Illustrator

Recognise the quality planets

Just a quick post on a new jewellery brand I have discovered!

Now my love for it may be a bit biased as I’m a friend of the owner, but newly launched online boutique… 176 more words

The Hamsa: What Does it Mean?

If you’ve traveled in the Middle East no doubt you have seen the hamsa, a talisman in the shape of an open hand. The name is related to the word for ‘five’ in Hebrew (hamesh) and Arabic (khamsa). 220 more words

What Does It Mean? Enduring Symbols