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Hamsa - A Luxury Dining Resto Review

Hi, Folks,

If you know me personally and have seen my phone’s gallery, it will be filled with travel, food, and fashion photos. My to-be-read list, places-to-visit list, restaurants-to-try lists are long and overflowing. 632 more words


Linen t shirt ~ Lila | with African hand embroidery Hamsa detail.

Linen t shirt ~ Lila | with African hand embroidery Hamsa detail. Go to http://www.noelofme.com for information.


Symbolism you can hold in your hand

Few images cut across multi-cultural lines like the Hamsa….the ancient symbol that is a hand sometimes holding an eye in the palm.

Often called the Hand of G-d, this amulet is a protective sign that brings its owner happiness, luck, health and good fortune. 170 more words

Mind Your Eating

Most of us grow up learning table manners – elbows off the table, chew with your mouth closed, don’t talk with food in your mouth, put a napkin in your lap, etc. 452 more words


From the studio - Life goes on

A new painting that came out of nowhere after many layers and many transitions. I was all over the place on this one, stalled for days, weeks at a time. 147 more words


Dear Diary, Mercury Retrograde Ended Another Cycle of the Ugly Duckling Thanks to Sarasvati

Dear Diary,

Ever since childhood I have loved and connected with the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling by Danish Author Hans Christian Anderson because through the years it has been a recurring pattern in my life. 685 more words