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Valentine's Day Shop From The Young Shopaholic!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and why not pick something up that is inexpensive yet down right adorable for your significant other? Buy your Elephant Bracelet or Hamsa Hand Bracelet from The Young Shopaholic today! 222 more words


Turkish Hamsas and all that..

Origin of the Hamsa or Fatima Hand

The Hamsa or Fatima hand has been symbolic in Islam and Judaism for many centuries. The name Hamsa derives from the But the symbol is actually much older. 282 more words


Mazel and Good Luck: My Middle Eastern Hamsa and Native American Hand Symbol Collection

I have always been a bit superstitious. Perhaps it is because my grandparents had little things they did to keep evil away and bring good luck. 734 more words


Hands Up

There was a charm bracelet in a vintage shop we saw last weekend with the most beautiful sculpted sterling silver hand. Shaped like a fist, the hand was lovely and we would have wanted it for our own charm bracelet, but the store wouldn’t separate the piece on its own. 106 more words

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Tangled up in Tangier...

You can get lost in Tangier very easily. Both in the physical sense and in the emotional. Streets wind in all directions. People and animals intertwine among the crowds. 77 more words


All is well hamsa necklace, gold dipped

Ruby NecklacesHow much do you think this costs?
Ruby Necklaces Anthropologie’s New Arrivals: Arik Kastan Jewelry Collection Moon Phase necklace, Whole Moon Cycle Necklace, Goddess Necklace… 18 more words

Det onda ögat...

Det onda ögat…
Ha ayn hara på hebreiska…

Sefaraden lever med förbannelsen som ett tungt ok på sina axlar.
Ett ögonkast fylld av avundsjuka som riktas mot en medmänniska i smyg kan ge förödande konsekvenser. 388 more words

Ayn Hara