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The Great Nature Poet of Cold Mountain

It is true that Han Shan, who lived on Cold Mountain in the 9th Century AD, is a great nature poet, but he is also a very personal writer, despite his seclusion. 17 more words


At Maple Bridge we moored for the night


This poem by Zhang Ji (張繼 c.800, Tang Dynasty) is a seven-character quatrain, consisting of two pairs of parallel couplets. It has long been regarded as a masterpiece in that genre. 117 more words


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Han Shan, The Hermit of Cold Mountain

The deeper the better is the cave!

No body walks on this narrow wave.

White clouds rest on the highest hill,

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Han Shan in Dharma Bums - Kerouac


Japhy: “Han Shan you see was a Chinese scholar who got sick of the big city and the world and took off to hide in the mountains.”

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Han Shan – The Poet of Cold Mountain

My Comment: Han Shan is one of my favorite poets. He was a hermit living up in the Chinese Mountains.  432 more words

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A Read of the Rocks on Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain: The Legend of Han Shan and Shih Te, the Original Dharma Bums

By Sean Michael Wilson

Graphic Poetry Collection

Illustrated by Akiko Shimojima… 608 more words