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Han Shan on Greed

With one small fulcrum, a lever can move tons of weight. With one greedy thought, years of integrity can be corrupted. A greedy thought is the seed of fear and confusion.

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Han Shan feels loneliness.

The difference between the poet-sage and the ordinary fool is a small matter of discernment.

The Great One

A poem written whilst facing Denali

I sit at the mouth of my measly tarp looking out at the Great One as I write this to you, 310 more words



A collection of poems I wrote during my trip to Alaska in the Summer of 2016


Greeted by cloud and rain,

a sense of overwhelming loneliness… 1,023 more words


Next Two Chapters, Seven and Eight, of My Motorcycle Novel - Hope Bats Last; Relax with a nice cross-country murder mystery! Check out the previous chapters!

Chapter Seven

 Here’s a message for the faithful.
What is it that you cherish?
To find the Way to see your nature?
Your nature is naturally so.
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As tardigrade

this tardigrade love life
brings us
as enemies, friends,
and opportunities
for equanimity
(at best)
love is what keeps us

For an image of life and death… 54 more words