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pure state between existence and non-existence


“when mind is void matter is alright”

Han Shan


My Comment:

This statement: “the eternal Self, the light of lights which lies between the two ideas of existence and non-existence” 401 more words

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Poetry That Fits the (Bud)Bill

I posted this book review for my (five) readers at Goodreads and thought I’d share it with my (four) readers at the University of WordPress. 563 more words


Pererin Part 1

I find myself circling around Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums once again. There have been people who say On the Road captured The Beat Generation as Hemingway’s… 1,263 more words

from ageing to sageing


Two poems for the days just before Winter Solstice

by Han Shan – the Sage from Cold Mountain

Sitting alone I am sometimes overcome  128 more words

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from sky to sky


When the men of the world look for this path amid the clouds

it vanishes, with not a trace where it lay.

The high peaks have many precipices; 95 more words

Exploring Consciousness


God bless Ed Wood Jr and all his horrible movies. I hope he’s in heaven somewhere working hard on his next film. And if there is no heaven and when we die we just turn off and simply stop existing, well, then I hope he is in that nothingness, wearing a dress, and still making the worst movies ever. 274 more words

the pearl

“Contemplation is any way you have of penetrating illusion and touching reality.”

Parker Palmer

Parker goes on to say that you don’t have to sit cross-legged or chant a mantra and that one of the most contemplative people he knows is a woman who cares for her severely developmentally disabled child. 881 more words

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