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sinking like a rock


sinking like a rock in the Sea
drifting through the Three Worlds
poor ethereal creature
forever immersed in scenes
until a flash of lightning shows… 914 more words

Exploring Consciousness

Call of the Wild

Ah to be alive
on a mid-September morn
fording a stream
barefoot, pants rolled up,
holding boots, pack on,
sunshine, ice in the shallows,
northern rockies.
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Han-shan/ Cold Mountain

Han-Shan/ Cold Mountain

I climb the road to Cold Mountain,

The road to Cold Mountain that never ends.

The valleys are long and strewn with stones; 187 more words


not escape in any direction

“Can the mind face and live with this emptiness, and not escape in any direction?”


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Exploring Consciousness

Han Shan feels loneliness.

The difference between the poet-sage and the ordinary fool is a small matter of discernment.

the heart has no debt to pay

“Why climb when the heart has no debt to pay?”

Han Shan


When the heart has no debt to pay I am at peace with myself. 480 more words

Exploring Consciousness