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Download Magical Diary Hanako Games

Download magical diary hanako games

Hanako’s Fan Game Idea to that end each game should be able to import the save game of the preceeding game. 523 more words

Long awaited Hanako: Honor and Blade will be arriving to Steam Early-access Oct. 9

+Mpact Games announced that their long awaited indie hack-and-slash, Hanako: Honor and Blade, will be arriving this fall on Steam early-access.

To mark their announcement, a new trailer reveals four playable classes: Kenshi, Naginatashi, Ite and Ninja. 23 more words


Katawa Shoujo - 5 Years Later

I guess I should first apologize for having a spoiler before the usually “read more” cut-off.

But I don’t really care, it’s just a nice reward for playing their game, and not an actual story spoiler. 3,034 more words

Hanako 2月23日号掲載

2017年 Hanako(マガジンハウス) 2月23日号にて、小笠原 徹 個展「メトロイド」 についての記事をご掲載いただきました。


Japanese diamond in New York

It wasn’t such a long time ago when the online luxury fashion retailer Net-A-Porter decided to include Japanese designer’s Hanako Maeda’s brand Adeam on their website. 948 more words