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Live Fast and Die Young

Meet Hanako. Hanako was a koi that lived in Japan for 226 before finally dying in the 1970’s. Koi, you know the big, goldfish looking things kept in ornamental ponds. 524 more words

Black + White , Pink + Grey... ADEAM and It's Amazing Color Combinations| Brand & Designer

ADEAM and Hanako Maeda 

Hanako is a native Japanese and she was born in Tokyo. She moved to New York City when she was five. Later on, she attended Columbia College to study Anthropology and Art History. 287 more words



Hanako is a small restaurant whose origins can be traced to Paranaque. In fact, the branch that we visited (in SM Hypermart) is only their second branch outside of Paranaque (the other one being in Mandaluyong). 372 more words

Hanako: Soul of the Samurai - Channeling My Ki

Hanako: Soul of the Samurai is an in-development game by +Mpact games.  Set in feudal Japan, this third-person swordplay game will have you engrossed in the stunning scenery and interesting world of… 787 more words


Hanako in Development

Hanako is a multi-disciplinary installation work exploring the sexual exploitation of women and the voyeurism that surrounds the topic in media and culture. This creative development builds on many years of solo experimentation by Caroline Dunphy, collaborating with an architect and digital artist at Metro Arts. 11 more words

In Development

Mom knows best

YOKOHAMA – It was exactly two years ago today I gave my mom a colorful headscarf for her 59th birthday. A few days later, she was unconcious at the hospital on life support after taking a zillion quemo and hyperbaric chamber sections. 383 more words

RTW Trip

Supplemental: Japan

He could see his mother.  Her hungry face, covered in fluids.  Vomit.  Blood.  Pus.  He saw her sink her teeth into his sister’s flesh.  He struggled, and a binding broke.   1,038 more words