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Is it permissible to change one’s Madh-hab (School of thought)?

Question 10: Is it permissible for a Muslim to change from Madh-hab (School of Jurisprudence) to Madh-hab? Can he follow the Maalikee Madh-hab, then move to the Hanbalee one and then return to the Maalikee Madh-hab again? 37 more words

The Jihaad (الجهاد)

Means To Shirk Which The Hanbalee Scholars Have Forbade

Imaam Ahmad attched the utmost importance to the issue of dharaa’i’ (preventing the means). It has arrived from Imaam Ahmad and some of his followers that they forbade the means that lead to shirk such as: 836 more words


Hands Below the Navel in Salaah

There are two opinions amongst the Hanaabilah as to where to place the hands in the salaah, namely, above the navel or below it. Some have opted for the hands being placed above the navel, whilst others stating that the hands should be placed below the navel. 585 more words