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Beautiful Lines of Hanbok

Burim Hanbok Festival Captures Tourists’ Fascination with Traditional Culture

Under the slogan, “Changwon Embroidered  by the Beauty of Hanbok,” the Fifth Burim Hanbok Festival was held in Masan Burim Traditional Market and in Chang-dong for three days, celebrating the culture of traditional Korean garment, called hanbok in Korean. 88 more words

Changwon Times

For the days you just need to feel like a princess 

There was a special cultural event on post this weekend. I thought it was from 11-4, so we took our time with our morning errands and went out to lunch. 149 more words

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Thuê hanbok dạo phố Seoul

Với chi phí từ 10.000 won (200.000 đồng) cho 90 phút, du khách được trải nghiệm cảm giác mặc trang phục của người Hàn Quốc xưa một cách chân thật nhất . 588 more words

Let's Talk About: GUIROE by Yeoback

Living in South Korea has given me the opportunity to discover this whole new perspective on fashion and it is also giving the chance to discover amazing and super talented designers like the one that I’m about to introduce you. 62 more words

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Freebies and Discounts

Free Stuff and Discounts — everyone loves it!

Here are some of the things that you MIGHT get it for Free or at a Discounted price. 320 more words