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Special Hanbok Experience

Being a fervent enthusiast of Korean dramas for more than 5 years now, it is really a must for me to include wearing Hanbok in our schedule. 386 more words


Seoul Pa-Fall 2015 Day 2 Part 2

There was nothing special about our lunch on day 2. I only had a blurry picture of our food. We ate just outside Changdeokdong palace in one of the restaurants in the alley. 921 more words

Hanboknam 한복남

I recently spent a busy weekend out and about with Nathalie, trying to fit as many tourist fun things into a video for her channel as possible. 306 more words



Anggota Oulami merupakan kumpulan dari mahasiswa Korea yang membantu mahasiswa asing untuk beradaptasi dengan kehidupan mahasiswa di Korea dan kehidupan di Korea secara umum. Anggotanya dibagi menurut “generation” dan anggota baru bergabung di setiap semester. 101 more words


A Taste of Korea at Jonglo Restaurant

We’ve found a unique restaurant in Manila and a quick visit here makes you feel you are in South Korea. Why? Because aside from the fact that you got to taste authentic Korean cuisine here, you can dress like a citizen of Korea with the use of their free hanbok. 369 more words



Pada tanggal 29 Oktober, Oulami mengadakan wisata ke Suwon untuk menggali lebih dalam Budaya Korea.

Suwon merupakan sebuah kota di Selatan Seoul, sangat terkenal dengan warisan budayanya. 244 more words


Be a Korean for a day! -- Jonglo Restaurant in Hanbok


Korean Drama, Kpop, Korean Food, Kimchi, Gong Yoo, Annyeong Haseyo! BTS and the likes, these were just some of the most popular terms and words we hear and we encounter each day. 998 more words