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330,000 year old tools found at unique Armenian archeological site, Nor Geghi 1 calls into question single-point-of-origin Africa theory

Past Horizons: new discovery and subsequent analysis of thousands of Stone Age tools has provided a major insight into human innovation 325,000 years ago and how early technological developments spread across the world, according to research published in the journal Science. 187 more words


Achilles Blog 12 - 30.5.14. Have a little patience

Cannot wait till I see consultant tomorrow, when this cast will be angle-grinded off. I have no real idea what my leg is doing and no doubt the cast will be replaced with something. 296 more words

Achilles Tendon Recovery

The Filter: What Happens When There is Too Much?

I don’t think my monkey brain was built to be a filter.

Maybe it’s inappropriate to ask whether the human brain has evolved for the situation which confronts it… 1,841 more words


Comparing Smartphones to Man's First Tools

While there’s probably a perfectly scientific reason why smartphones get manufactured in obsidian black, the fact remains that they look similar to the first tools of our prehistoric ancestors. 658 more words


Does size matter?

Thousands of stone tools uncovered in a lake basin in Botswana are providing information about possible migration routes and hunting practices of early humans in the Middle and Late Stone Age periods, between 150,000 and 10,000 years ago. 70 more words

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