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Innisfree Peach Hand Cream

Hydration has huge anti-ageing benefits down the road. Skin cells on a hydrated skin can rapidly repair themselves and turnover fresh cells. Our hands are exposed to many environmental changes and to keep them healthy and germ free, we wash them several times a day. 176 more words


Review - Tony Moly Tangerine Hand Cream

I have a deep burning desire to have a collection of products that disguise themselves very cleverly as an adorable bowl of fruit. Unfortunately this dream of mine is slightly unraveling as I discover that the creams inside those fantastic fruity packages are not quite what I had hoped for. 770 more words

Germany: TreacleMoon, Cute Satsuma Smile Balsam

I give this balsam 3/5 thumbs up. I liked it.

This Cute Satsuma Smile hand balsam from TreacleMoon contains Vitamin E and apricot Oil. It states it is aimed to stressed hands. 162 more words


Review - Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream

This is another entry in my love of things that look like other things. I’m not usually one to go for overly cute or gimmicky packaging, but I cannot resist the fruit-shaped allure of Tony Moly hand creams. 676 more words

March 2017 Catalogue

Just wanted to drop our current catalogue here in easy reach for you!

It’s a beauty! Get your hands on the latest trends in nail fashion today! 9 more words

DIY Nails

Welcome to Jams with Rachael!

Welcome and thank you for joining me right here on my new blog!

As a mother of two with a part time job, personal space and time can sometimes be a luxury! 32 more words

DIY Nails

Finger Taping & Hand Care in BJJ

I’ve been asked a couple of times in the gym why I tape my fingers. The simple answer is that I have sprained a single finger on both hands previously. 1,003 more words