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The Hale: Community Mental Well-being Centre

The Hale: Community Mental Well-being Centre

Chen Man


Stigma is a socially constructed concept, it stems from the majority view of normality, the categorisation of it and the devaluing of what is deemed abnormal. 870 more words


Day 178

It is the Staff Night tonight. But I did this more meaningful thing.

Drawing & Painting

ink and charcoal

Art class I took while I was in Lone Star College. Had a lot of fun doing this with ink. Great experiences.

much love, xoxo


process work from one point perspective

Another fun project that we did, Black and white, pencil drawing 1 point perspective. I Love how it turned out. I was really excited and had a lot of passion for drawing, as you can tell now :D… 13 more words


process work from 2 point perspectives

I remember I was so excited and happy to be in this class because it was fun, the professor is understanding and explaining very carefully and she is SUPER FUNNY. 75 more words



Another 3 hrs.



Drawing & Painting

Bukan Mata Yang Buta

“Bukan mata yang buta tapi hati yang tak terbuka”

Karya Emia (11th/ kelas 6)

Masih dalam semangatnya untuk berkampanye menolak beda perlakuan hanya karena beda warna/ bentuk fisik.

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