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He played with a toy!!

The teachers had a training day and here I was with an entire day with just one of my children. I thought it would be lovely to take him to one of his favourite places to go to…the city centre! 815 more words

Toilet paper sales soar in Japan

My eye was drawn to an article on the BBC website claiming that sales of toilet paper were up even though the population 230 more words

Coppice House Farm

Just made an order from Coppice House Farm. Great service, great products

Hand Dryers

The Leading Global Manufacturer: World Dryer

A Leader in Innovation

For over 60 years, World Dryer has been the leader in cutting edge hand drying technology. World Dryer has set the industry standard by integrating technology, functionality, and design to give consumers in the hospitality and restaurant industry an unmatched experience. 455 more words


A Load of Hot Air

I like to think that I am as keen on hygiene as the next person, in fact perhaps more so: I tend to always carry around with me a small bottle of hand gel. 311 more words

Hand Dryers

Anticipating All Needs Through Washroom Services

It is imperative to have the highest quality in Washroom Care for products to maintain a good level of hygiene throughout toilets and in all areas of the premises. 239 more words

Sanitary Bin Service

Promoting Clean And Safe Washroom Care

Washroom Care include any kind of service that promotes a clean and safe washroom facility for the regular users. There are several washroom services providers that deal with regular washroom maintenance in the form of restocking the essential supplies and ensuring that the latest gadgets are installed in the washroom for maximum user convenience. 244 more words

Sanitary Bin Service