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Some Designers Design

I’ve been completely slacking off on the design side of things. I have a pattern or two I want to get out, but I’ve been swamped by the day job, and haven’t actually had a lot of knitting time. 135 more words

Dublin Dye

Tube socks on the go go

Hi there, how are you today? I hope you are fine and I hope you are enjoying beautiful weather as we are here in Normandy, France. 861 more words


New Lace Shawl Design - Nearly Finished!

I am so excited about this gorgeous shawl! The warm apple color will make this the perfect fall accessory. This will be my first triangle shawl design, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. 290 more words

Coffee Dyed Yarn

Oh my Garters!

Recently, I find myself at work on two different shawls, both featuring the homey-looking garter stitch. For those readers who don’t dabble in fiber and string, garter stitch is when you knit every row back and forth on a piece of flat knitting, instead of stockinette, which is alternating knitting one row and purling the next. 262 more words


Dotted (then Striped) Rays

Some days I wish I could be one of those monogamous knitters.  If I had laser focus on one project at a time this one would already be finished!   203 more words



This is the series where we explain tips & tricks that will make your knitting more fun and your pieces even more pleasing to the eye.  317 more words

Friday FO - By the Skin of My Teeth

It’s been an off beat day but somehow, when I didn’t expect to even have a post, I’ve got a Friday FO!  Not only did I find the time but I also found enough yarn!   187 more words