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Meet the Maker of the Month - Michelle of Berry Colorful Yarnings

Hi there, the end of this month is chock full of information and blog posts as I took a little break and came back with a ton of things to share and also this meant that the Maker of the Month feature is way later in the month than usual. 1,290 more words


bluebottle shawl

I dyed up two skeins – one a lot less intense than the other, but a tonal match. The colours on glistening Wishbone Sock (100% twisted Merino) reminded me of sunlight on bluebottles. 65 more words


yarn babies

Oh squishiest little babies. Who will take you home and what will you become?



You get so excited about knitting that you knit two patterns at once!

(not to mention the many WIP’s languishing in project bags all over the house and the car… I am not monogamous) 42 more words


the painted ladies

Oh Painted Ladies. You make me so happy.

Available on Wishbone Lace. 100% softest Merino.


an appaloosa kind of thing

Above, see Celia Pym’s “Hope’s Sweater” from 1951, a moth eaten sweater with darning.

Is it just me or does it make your heart beat faster too? 59 more words


Quick catch up!! 

If you don’t follow my Instagram, here’s a catch up of what I’ve been up to in the last week or so. I’ve been pretty multicraftual. 886 more words