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Rainbow Heirloom Solo Light

Rainbow Heirloom Solo Light is one of my very favourite to dye, and is absolutely beautiful to knit with. The single-ply sock-weight merino soaks up colour like a sponge, creating vivid and luminous colourways.  266 more words

Hand-dyed Yarn

...I believe in the future...

…fortunately, I still do. I believe in the future, in good will, in hard work, in inspiration, in young (or not so young, haha) people with a dream. 212 more words


My Pebble Beach Shawl and more

Hi there,

Lately I’ve been mostly working on my shawls. I’m almost done with the Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade. Her pattern for this shawl is in an original format, a bit like an excel sheet where you have the pattern written out in rows and each row is numbered from 1 and up and every so many rows you see the percentage of completion of the project. 511 more words


My apple is very wild

The ‘Wild Apple’ cardigan is coming along nicely, if a little slowly.

The angora/merino yarn is simply gorgeous. When the kit first arrived, I was surprised that the yarn wasn’t especially fluffy in that inimitable angora way, but as I knit with it it develops a beautiful little halo of fluff, as though it is waking up and having a good stretch! 442 more words


Late Post!

It’s coming along! :)

Sorry for the late post folks.  It’s been a busy day.  Up and off to gym.  Also had to prepare a lunch to take because I was going directly to Crafting afterwards. 53 more words

Rug Hooking

Knitter's Chicken!

The race is on!    The race to the end of the ball!

Dotted Rays is dangerously nearing completion.  I have 38 g of yarn left, ~130 yds.   122 more words


Stash diving and future projects

A few days ago I did some stash diving and I’m afraid to say that I don’t do this often enough. As much as I love my stash and wouldn’t separate from it for ANYTHING, I still don’t “visit” it often enough. 532 more words