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Shop Update - 11th January 2017

This week’s shop update will consist of mostly yarn. I’ve got six new skeins and two new colourways to debut! :) I’m pretty excited about the new ones and I hope you’ll love them too! 306 more words


Clothing Cave

It’s January, 2017, and I’m dreaming of this upcoming summer (whilst it is 10 below outside). Summer for me means freedom from school for the first time in 17+ years, *hopefully* a job, and the time to travel, get tattooed, and grow into my life. 245 more words


Set up for Woodford Folk Festival

Set up at Woodford Folk Festival is a magic time, a sneak preview of the atmosphere of the festival. This year I dyed 150 metres of material  to match the yam shaped chandelier ‘yamdelier’ at the centre of the Songlines venue. 200 more words


Tales Textiles Tell - Toraja Sacred Cloth Batik

SO here is one more textile with many many stories depicted.

Yet, I can only make conjecture about the story this piece is trying to tell, until someone from that region comes along and connects all the dots and brings it alive with the cultural paradigm. 204 more words

Art Kaleidoscope

A brief glimpse of landscape

So these aren’t the better photos promised, but I have plyed and balled the landscape colourway I spun.

Until I get to taking proper photos, here are a few snapshots of the two singles: 9 more words


Opal or Grand Turk? Help me decide!

I’ve developed two colours recently, and I love them both, but they’re quite similar. I’m thinking I’ll only be releasing one of them to my permanent collection, so I’m reaching out to the internet for assistance. 108 more words


This came together at warp speed, and I think that’s the worst pun I’ve ever made, but I couldn’t help myself. I must be feeling better. 335 more words