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The hand grenade is┬áhand thrown it’s as small as a tennis ball but with the shrapnel that can travel about 15 meters, it will bring any man down. 122 more words


The Second Amendment is not a blank check to own every weapon imaginable

Do you agree with the majority of Americans that gun control is both right and appropriate?

Consider, if you will, the following list:

Chinese Man Unknowingly Used A Hand Grenade To Break Walnuts For 25 Years.

If there are a million and one persons who have missed death by a whisker, this Chinese man is surely one of them. He used a hand grenade to smash walnuts for 25 years but was lucky to be alive till date. 202 more words

Holy Hand Grenades and Gaudy Gods

They found a holy hand grenade! Crusader-era hand grenade surprises archaeologists
Or at least, it’s a Crusader-era hand grenade (and those were holy wars, right? Riiiiiiight?) 330 more words

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How to PBR texture a Hand Grenade in 3D Coat

In this tutorial I will show you how to apply PBR texturing to a previously made 3D model of a hand grenade. I have a video of the modeling process too ( without audio though ) If you want it please send an email to MH-Tutorials@Hotmail.com and I will send you a download link.

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James Ashby: Pauline Hanson's hand grenade

A hand grenade is about to enter the House and its name is James Ashby, writes Sydney bureau chief Ross Jones.

Source: James Ashby: Pauline Hanson’s hand grenade

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