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Holy Hand Grenades and Gaudy Gods

They found a holy hand grenade! Crusader-era hand grenade surprises archaeologists
Or at least, it’s a Crusader-era hand grenade (and those were holy wars, right? Riiiiiiight?) 330 more words

Stephanie Beavers

How to PBR texture a Hand Grenade in 3D Coat

In this tutorial I will show you how to apply PBR texturing to a previously made 3D model of a hand grenade. I have a video of the modeling process too ( without audio though ) If you want it please send an email to MH-Tutorials@Hotmail.com and I will send you a download link.

Mh Tutorials

James Ashby: Pauline Hanson's hand grenade

A hand grenade is about to enter the House and its name is James Ashby, writes Sydney bureau chief Ross Jones.

Source: James Ashby: Pauline Hanson’s hand grenade

Pauline Hanson

Here's why you should experience New Orleans

Situated in the U.S state of Louisiana, in the heart of the Deep South, lies the strange and festive Cajun city of New Orleans. New Orleans is a famous city in many ways, but not nearly as famous as Los Angeles, San Francisco or Las Vegas. 840 more words


Hockey Puck War

The 2015 Stanley Cup champion “Chicago Blackhawks” were honored at the White House where Obama mentioned how the Chicago Blackhawks “used to suck” before he became President. 419 more words


"Child" migrants

“The word has spread across Europe about how easy it is to be accepted as a child migrant in Sweden. 

Now, the country has become overwhelmed with ‘unaccompanied minors’ in what critics suspect is a huge fraud.”

37 more words
EU Debacle