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Five Basic Shawl or Scarf Shapes-Free Knitting Pattern

This is a great, easy pattern for 5 basic shawl shapes: Square, Circular, Triangular, Semi-Circular, and Heart-Shaped.  http://www.laylock.org/?s=5+basic+shawl+shapes

Each style begins with casting on three stitches and is worked to a full-sized shawl or stopped at any point for a smaller scarf, which I did. 107 more words

Free Pattern

Knitting - A Really Nice Heart Pattern - Free

My daughter recommended this pattern to me and I love it. I enjoy doing Fair Isle patterns and this one seems to go together especially well. 116 more words

Free Pattern

Episode 4: knitting needles and linen yarn


Episode 4 is up and I go on and on talking about knitting needles and my new favourite; linen yarn.

As ever, show notes can be found in the… 7 more words



Hello everyone, long time no see! I don’t know how many of you are extreme procrastinators like myself but this week it has seemed that I had a mountain of things to do so instead I decided to take a day trip up to Whalsay! 635 more words


Socks for the Littlest Feet

Have you noticed a trend the last couple days?  Lots of baby stuff entering the shop.  It may have something to do with a certain tiny stranger that the stork is due to bring to our door at the beginning of this summer, but I have been knitting wee things like crazy. 129 more words

Hand Knit Baby Bibs

New to the Maine Forager shop, handmade baby bibs.  Available as individual bibs or sets of three.  Click here to see the Watermelon set or the… 13 more words

Knitted royal crown hat with faux ermine trim

This is so fun. How can you live without have a hat like this? I love it. Alas, I cannot find shopping details for it. Autumn / Winter 2017. 27 more words